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Tired of That Pain in Your Back? Do Something About It

By Carolyn @CarolynHeintz

Back pain is the leading cause of disability claims in America and tops the lists when it comes to reasons Americans call into work. Millions of people suffer from pain that originates in the back, many of them on a chronic basis. Spinal health problems are an issue especially for the aging population, beginning with age 40 and progressively becoming more of a problem the older people get. If you are one of the millions who suffer from pain in your back, it’s time to take action. Stop letting your back get in the way of living your life. If you’re concerned that your back pain is continually getting worse, it may help to visit North American Spine to find out more about some of your possible options for back pain relief.

Why You Have Back Pain: Your Lifestyle

Take a good look at your life. If you sit around all the time, at work and at home, it could be the root of your problem. If you don’t exercise and keep your back strong, you’re going to pay for it. Your back is your major support system for the body, holding you erect and keeping your mobile. You need to be active and put your back to work. If you have a desk job, make a point of getting up every fifteen minutes or so to be on the move. When you get home, include exercise in your life. You can walk and take the stairs on your lunch break. You don’t need to be intense, but you do need to move. Posture could be another issue. Make sure your chair is ergonomically correct. Keep your feet on the floor and sit up straight. The same goes at home. Walk with your shoulders back and don’t slouch. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Also, if you smoke, it’s time to quit. When you smoke, atherosclerosis is common, a build up of plaque in the blood vessels that can cut blood flow to your back, causing pain.

When Pain in Your Back is Due to Injury

If you have injured your back, such as a muscle pull or a blow to the back, massage, physical therapy, and hot or cold compresses could be helpful in dealing with the pain. If you find yourself dealing with chronic pain or pain that suddenly strikes and is debilitating, you definitely should see a doctor. You may be dealing with a muscle tear, a herniated disc, or fractured vertebrae. More serious issues concerning your back may need to be remedied with spinal surgery.

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