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Tips to Stay Away from Annoying Allergic Cold

Posted on the 23 April 2014 by Health_news

Tips to stay away from annoying allergic cold

Allergic Cold has become one of the common problems in today’s time. With coming generation, kids and children especially are becoming more prone towards catching allergic cold. Allergic cold is basically a situation where in the cold catches allergy. This is mostly linked to the immunity system of our body. People with lower immunity levels are more sensitive towards catching allergic cold. It is very essential to cure cold in the nascent stage in order to avoid facing its adversities. In case of ignorance, allergic cold progresses towards choking of throat, generation of continuous mucous, headache, tearing eyes, inflammation, etc. Hence, it is advisable to follow and practice few tips which will avoid catching allergic cold to kids as well as to children.

Tips for avoiding Allergic Cold:

  •  Maintain Hygiene: Hygiene plays a vital role in preventing the body from catching allergy and other diseases. Since our hands are the most in contact with out body parts, it is essential to religiously wash and clean the hands with soap or hand wash liquid for reducing germ building. We have been hearing continuously from the doctors for washing hands especially pre and post meals. People should not avoid baths by giving unnecessary excuses. Personal hygiene is a key to healthy body. Germs develop in unhygienic places. Not only personal, but it is also essential to maintain environmental hygiene.
  •  Stay Away from the existing sufferers: Since allergies are contagious to health, it is essential to keep distance from the people who are already suffering from allergic cold. Allergy if contracted travels from person to person. Hence, people should take utmost care while traveling in public places, doing public dealings or even while using public toilets.
  •  Visit your family physician: Prevention is better than cure. Hence, it is a wise decision to check with the doctor in case of any erupting symptoms. Ignorance in nascent stage might lead to progression in cold. It is essential to think of oneself along with the people around us. Thus, the best way to do is to consult with the family doctor in the beginning itself.
  •  Clean surfaces around us: The environment around patients must necessarily be clean and tidy. Germs breed in dirty and dusty atmosphere. Hence, they should not be given any chance to develop towards creating allergies. In case of dusty situation, it is always prescribed to carry a hand sanitizer and apply it frequently.
  •  Boost your immunity: A highly immune system is capable of facing allergies and viral attacks. It is essential to go out for walks and jogging in order to strengthen the immunity system. Research has found that women who were going through post menopause phase and were regularly working out via jogging and walking were found to be more immune than women who were not practicing these activities.
  •  Homeopathy: Homeopathy claims to have cure for every disease. Various people have found a great relief from allergic cold after taking homeopathy tablets.
  • Steam: Steam helps in clearing allergic colds and the nasal blockages caused due to cold. By taking steam as per doctor’s prescription, people can actually get rid of allergic cold.

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