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Tips to Highlight Your Natural Face Beauty with Diamond Earrings!

By Mahnoor Malik @MahnoorMalik90

There are many accessories that women adore, both for their beauty and quality, mainly because these accessories can highlight their beauty. A woman should know that true beauty comes out even better, only when purchased accessories are of good quality and really improve their natural beauty.

One of the favorite accessories and, mandatory off course are diamond earrings for women.

They are chosen according to several criteria, starting from design, style, size, shape and attractive fence and tend to be fit into the fashion trend. Diamond earrings can make a woman more attractive, more so if they are chosen carefully taking into account the shape of the face. That’s because these accessories are worn close to the face, which may or may not, be a complement.

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In fact, this may start the discussion about diamond earrings for women.

Different types of faces, but the same solution: diamonds earrings!

  • Round face

If a woman’s facial appearance involves a round face, the most suitable earrings will be the elongated, curved can. They will create the illusion of length and will complement you enough face every situation, which is a plus. A woman with a round face can try earrings in geometric shapes with right angles (squares, rectangles), but should be avoided if possible earrings small and the very large.

Round Face

  • Oval face

One of the most common forms of the face in women, the oval can complement almost any kind of earrings, so the spectrum shape and color not as in other cases must be distinguished. A woman with oval face can experience all the different styles and choose what suits her best. Earrings that she can wear are the elongated, curved, spiral, pearl, diamonds.

Oval Face

  • Diamond shaped face

For women who have such a face is recommended to always wear earrings short but comprehensive width as the spherical or shaped buttons, buttons. Also, the combination of straight lines and curves, it suits them perfectly. Long and thin earrings should be avoided.

Diamond Shaped Face

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