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Tips for Travel, Austria, Spain

Posted on the 03 November 2019 by Dubai City Company @iqdubaicity

Tips for Travel Interesting facts and tourist attractions

Unique places for a marriage proposal abroad

The proposal is a very important moment in the life of lovers. In order for this moment to sound even more, it is worth experiencing it in an unusual and unique place. A perfect solution is a romantic trip abroad. First, however, you need to get there, which can help Gryf travel agency. Everything else depends only on us, because in Europe there are a huge number of wonderful locations where the engagement will look almost film-like. Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

Paris - a city of lovers

There is no more romantic world capital than Paris. Therefore, the proposal in this wonderful city will be something extraordinary. Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame Cathedral - everywhere, the proposal will have its specific charm. In addition, if our other half loves sports emotions, it's worth thinking about going to the European Volleyball Championship, for example. Then we have the opportunity to not only actively visit the most important monuments of Paris, but also take part in a unique sporting event. Usually this type of trip abroad includes entry tickets for individual matches of the Polish team. What's more, during such an event you can also propose in a very spectacular way.

Marriage proposal in Budapest

Don't know where to propose ? Well-known capitals seem crowded and overrated? Trip abroad scares you mainly through the distance? So Budapest is the perfect place for you to propose! The trip to it does not take long and you can get to Hungary by both car and bus. In addition, unlike other European capitals it is not so crowded. However, it still has great locations where marriage proposals can be remembered for a long time. The engagement on Mount Gellert is especially a great idea, offering a wonderful panorama of the whole of Budapest. Equally successful can be a proposal at the Ferris wheel near Parliament.

Departure to the proposal to Dubai

The proposal in Dubai is a fulfillment of the Arab dream full of splendor and wealth, as well as the beautiful landscapes of the city built on the islands. There will be plenty of places for film and unique engagements in the largest city of the United Arab Emirates. Special commands will be exquisite and prestigious multi-star hotels, on the roofs of which a person can actually feel like a world conqueror. In addition, proposals in such a place guarantee a lot of attractions ready to visit after the celebration. Among them you can find beautiful, sandy beaches, unique fountains and breathtaking buildings (Burj Al. Arab, Burj Khalifa).

Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

An exotic trip abroad

If you do not know how to plan a romantic marriage proposal, you should rethink your flight to exotic corners of the globe. Engagement on one of the Canary Islands or on the shores of the Mediterranean will certainly be an experience to remember. In addition, they can be combined with a vacation intended for a typical rest - lying down, sipping cocktails and lazing around turquoise water.

What to do if a suitcase is lost at the airport - a guide

Lost luggage at the airport is an unpleasant event that can be the beginning of a nightmare vacation or an accident crowning it. The most important, however, is not to panic, because this type of situation occurs extremely often in air transport and you can find some solution. Here's a quick guide on what to do if your suitcase is lost at the airport.
Tips Travel, Austria, Spain
    Report lost luggage at the airport

When a suitcase or luggage is lost, we should immediately go to the lost luggage office at the airport. However, it is worth determining in advance whether our things really did not go on tape. Then we can report the disappearance with full responsibility and obtain a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) document. In this way, we will be able to claim rights due to the damage caused to the carrier. The document will be obtained on the basis of an identity document, air ticket and baggage ticket. At this stage, we are describing missing items, so it's worth having, for example, a photo on your phone. Very often, when preparing a PIR document, we find out what exactly happened to lost luggage.

    Waiting for luggage to be removed

In the event that we have obtained confirmation that our luggage has found and the carrier pulls it, we will have to spend time waiting. The problem arises when we just arrived on vacation and our suitcase is lost. Then we can claim the carrier to compensate for putting us in a difficult situation. Assistance for this difficult time is called a rescue package and consists of paying cash or covering possible costs, e.g. purchases. Lost luggage is delivered at the carrier's expense to the address indicated, so we do not have to worry about camping at the airport. So we can go to the hotel and consider the possible complaint of airline services.

    Claiming claims and compensation from airlines

Trips by plane are organized by the selected travel agency in such a way that the entire responsibility for lost luggage at the airport rests only with the carrier, i.e. the airlines. It is in relation to them we can apply for a possible complaint or compensation for losses we have suffered, for example, having to make additional purchases or paying for services related to the lack of necessary things. Most often, however, the problem of a lost suitcase at the airport is solved up to a dozen or so hours. Therefore, more serious steps are not usually needed.

    Lost luggage and a return to everyday life

Lost luggage at the airport is quite a stressful experience, but we should not get excited about it. That is why it is best to go back to everyday life after the whole incident. After this type of events, it is worth implementing preventive measures for the future. It may involve, for example, special marking of luggage or photographing it before going on an airplane. Even if it does not help to avoid losing the suitcase, it will certainly speed up the process of searching and recovering it.

Integration trip abroad - what is worth remembering

An integration trip is a very important element cementing the cooperation of employees and teamwork within the company. Some companies decide to organize it outside the city-based company. It is worth taking care of several organizational matters so that the integration trip has a positive impact on employee relations and attitude to work.
Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

Integration trip - what to remember?

When organizing an organizational trip, it is worth setting a budget to stick to. It will keep all expenses in check and will not allow you to waste company funds. In addition, it is good to establish a detailed action plan during the trip, including places to visit and things we will do. You can then set individual attractions in such a way that they correspond to all participants. If the crew consists mainly of men, it is a great idea to organize an integration trip to Formula 1 races. On the other hand, when the lion's share of the employees are women, company integration in SPA is a great solution. It is also worth thinking about the possibilities of accommodation and sightseeing, thanks to which we will stretch the trip in time, further tightening the bonds among the crew.

Integration trip - how to organize?

Integration trips should primarily be adapted to the financial capabilities of the company and the expectations of employees. A list of employees who declare to participate in integration and departure should be established. Thanks to this, we will minimize any additional costs. A good solution is also to organize free time during the integration trip, e.g. games and activities, trips or other attractions for participants. It is worth using the help of travel agencies that are very happy to organize this type of enterprise in the country or abroad. However, we must remember that the more exotic the trip, the more its costs rise. Regardless of the direction chosen, we should provide comprehensive service to participants. For this reason, they should be provided with insurance, medical care and the presence of a guide or animator.

Integration trip abroad and travel agency

Many travel agencies organize trips abroad with a view to integrating employees. These types of trips are tailored to specific categories of participants, e.g. sports enthusiasts who dream of seeing the European Volleyball Championships. We can also take advantage of the offers of traditional bus tours and take the entire company crew on a great route including along the Prague beer trail. Especially recommended are all themed trips, e.g. visiting castles or visiting fairs. They are so general and at the same time attractive that employees will certainly appreciate this form of integration. Many such trips do not take place in exotic parts of the globe, but in countries neighboring Poland. The costs associated with the organization of such an integration trip will not be high.

Why is it worth going on a trip to Austria?

In the holiday season, hardly anyone considers Austria as a summer vacation destination. Much more attractive than this Alpine country are the countries located in the south of the continent, where you can't complain about the lack of good weather. Most often we go on trips to Vienna and for winter, ski holidays, However, remember that reservations for ski trips need to be done well in advance! It is worth thinking about Austria - a picturesque country, mainly associated with skiing and Vienna. The beautiful mountain areas and the historic capital of the country are undeniable advantages of this country, but Austria also offers tourists other attractions. Check why it's worth visiting this small but charming country.
Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

Vienna and Graz, the pearl of Austria

Of course, we start an exciting trip to Austria from the capital - Vienna, where everyone can find something interesting for themselves. Both lovers of history, old buildings and opera will be pleased with the city's visit, but also fans of traditional local cuisine, the world of fashion and even exotic animals. In Vienna, there is the oldest zoo in the world, located in the Schönbrunn Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A lot of good information about Vienna and the surrounding area can be found on our special website.

From Vienna we set off southwest towards Graz. This is the second largest city in Austria, which boasts a magnificent historic Old Town, also on the UNESCO list. Ruins of Schlossberg Castle, St. Stephen's Cathedral Idzi or finally, from the seventeenth century, the largest armory in the world are just some of the advantages of the city surrounded by greenery and thermal waters. The European Figure Skating Championships 2020 will take place in Graz! The show dates from 20-26.01.2020 from Monday to Sunday. Gryf Travel Agency organizes trips and invites skating fans to Graz. The best figure skaters in Europe will come to Graz. For fans of this very spectacular discipline, this is a unique opportunity! Close to Poland, low prices and a very good standard of services.

Salzburg and the most famous son of Salzburg - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The Salzburger Cathedral is the city's biggest attraction. The city's attractions are loved by millions of tourists from all over the world eager to explore Salzburg. Thanks to the ratio of the number of tourists per capita higher than Venice or Florence, the city is one of the busiest places in Europe, all year round.

Austria is not just monuments

What else can you see in Austria besides interesting buildings, where you can feel the spirit of history? The country of birth of Mozart is also amazing attractions, whose author is mother nature. The former silver mine in Schwaz, which is the largest mine in medieval Europe, will impress fans of underground corridors. From the inside of the earth, let's move to the waters of Lake Achensee, known as the "windy lake", picturesquely stretching between mountain ranges. The lake is known primarily for its excellent conditions for surfing and diving, but fishing enthusiasts will also spend pleasant moments here. An amazing adventure is also waiting for those who decide to visit the Ice Palace, which is a natural ice cave in the heart of the Hintertux glacier.

Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

Austria - a paradise for skiing enthusiasts

Over half of Austria is located in the Alps. It is not surprising that Austrians take advantage of this fact and tempt tourists from all over the world with fantastic views and favorable conditions for winter sports. Gryf travel agency invites among others to Bad Kleinkirchheim, the largest ski center in Carinthia. Numerous ski runs, ideally suited to skiers with varying degrees of technical training, guarantee great fun for all lovers of white madness. Free ski offer seekers will not be disappointed either. A ski holiday with a ski pass included in the price of the trip is a preview of an exciting experience without any stress.

Tourist attractions in Munich that you should not miss

Munich, which is the main city of the most visited region in Germany, is associated primarily with the high-class Bayern football club, the BMW factory and the world-famous Oktoberfest. However, the Bavarian capital is more than just football excitement, fast cars and hectoliters of drunk beer. A trip to Munich means meeting history, large format art and traditional Bavarian cuisine. In this vibrant metropolis we will also find a place to catch our breath and gain strength before returning home.
Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

Sport and cars in Munich

Munich is the seat of the most successful German football club, Bayern Munich, which plays its matches at the Allianz Arena. We offer trips with a match ticket - see our suggestions .

Near the Olympic village there is a museum and headquarters of the pride of German motoring. For those thirsty for tourists, two buildings are available - a huge exhibition hall, in which you can admire the latest models from the BMW stable and the brand's museum, thanks to which we will learn about the company's beginnings and its development over the years. The BMW Museum in Munich is a must for every admirer of elaborate cars.

Architectural pearls of Munich

When visiting Munich, do not miss the historic city center. The Munich Altstadt was almost completely destroyed during World War II, but the gradual reconstruction was successful. The focal point of the city is St. Mary's Square, around which the most interesting monuments gather, including the Old and New Town Hall and the Cathedral of Our Lady, which is the symbol of Munich with two characteristic green domes. Interestingly, the oldest building in Munich, however, is not a large building, and dating from 1260 ... toilet! After leaving the square, we can treat ourselves to a walk on one of the most important shopping streets in the city - Kaufingerstraße. An average of 300,000 is paid for the premises on this street. EUR annually, or about PLN 1.2 million. Such amounts, however, do not deter anyone, because the promenade is noisy and crowded at all times.

Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

Munich - attractions for body and soul

What else is worth seeing in Munich so that you don't go home unsatisfied? While staying in the Bavarian capital, we encourage you to visit the German Technical Museum, presenting the achievements of German researchers from many fields of science. Among the exhibits you can see, among others Siemens' first electric locomotive from 1879. After intensive sightseeing it is good to saturate the body with a decent dose of food. White sausages in the company of pretzels and mustard will taste great in almost every corner of Munich. Similarly, beers, which are served in beer halls with long tables. The most famous of them is the Hofbräuhaus Pub, where in addition to a great drink we can count on live music.

The Oktoberfest in Munich, lasting from September 21 to October 6, 2019, is another edition of the famous beer festival . This is an event not to be missed and which, as usual, will attract millions of tourists from around the world! It is very difficult to get access to tents during Octoberfest, because such trips are confirmed by Gryf Travel Agency. However, we have other very good news - the same city and beer festival in Munich! You will find more details about other travel options on our website .

Beer gourmet paradise - Oktoberfest in Vienna

Known to everyone, Oktoberfest is associated unequivocally with the great beer festival, which has been taking place regularly in Munich since 1810. It is the largest event of this type in the world, attracting up to 6 million people, thirsty for a golden drink. In the splendor of the German holiday, other countries that are trying to transfer the fun to their own land want to warm up. Austria is one of them. In the capital of this alpine state for the ninth time there will be a festival in which Austrian beer will play the main role. Gryf travel agency is pleased to invite all thirsty for a good drink and eat at this unique event. Plan your trip to the Oktoberfest in the Austrian edition today!
Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

A trip to Vienna, which is pleasant and useful

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn are a reason for sadness for many of us. However, there are also those who jump for joy because of it. They have their reasons for this, because from 26 September to 13 October in Vienna's Prater Park there will be a folk festival where a sea of ​​beer will pour. The equivalent of Bavarian Oktoberfest is a great opportunity to taste local beers along with traditional Austrian music. In the three huge tents of the beer town, you'll also taste Austrian delicacies that are hardly sought in other parts of the world. So slowly prepare your leather shorts, braces and hat to spend at least one weekend in Austria. A stay in Vienna should not be limited to the consumption of golden fluid. For some time it is worth to leave the table and feel the spirit of this unique city. Vienna is a majestic capital in which the past mixes with the present. Only here you can go to an elegant ball after a while get on the subway and face the hustle and bustle.

Austrian Oktoberfest - is it better than German?

Although the Viennese beer and wine festivities are becoming more and more popular every year, they do not attract as many foreign tourists as those organized in Munich. For a certain group of people, this is definitely a big advantage. Some may be disturbed by the ubiquitous chaos and beer consumption in the crowd. In addition, the less crowded, the greater the chance to take advantage of all the available attractions, and thus - a deeper experience of this special beer gourmet. Secondly - in Vienna, only beer does not reign when playing. Austrian Wiesn-Fest is also a great opportunity to taste local wine. During the event, participants will have the opportunity to venture into the Grinzing district at the foot of the Vienna Woods. It is there that you will find small, backyard wineries and wonderful people who will delight you with their products. Austrian hospitality will not let you leave this charming place with empty stomachs. A traditional Viennese schnitzel with a glass of local wine is a must when traveling to Vienna.

Departure for ID, passport or maybe a visa? Check what documents you need to take care of before travelling

Not so long ago, a trip to a foreign country was virtually impossible for Poles. It was not only for financial reasons, but also for the approval of the authorities for such an undertaking. After changing the system, traveling around the world became easier, but we were still treated as second-class citizens. A lot has changed after Poland's accession to the European Union, and especially after the signing of the Schengen agreement. From that moment, Poles could travel around almost all of Europe solely on the basis of an identity card. Is it still possible and if we go outside the continent, apart from proof, do we need other documents?
Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

Polish identity card has power!

Those who think that with only an ID card in hand can be legally moved only within the Schengen area. With this document we have the opportunity to spend holidays in more than 40 countries around the world. So if you want to go crazy in Monaco or discover the Adriatic pearl of Montenegro, you don't need any additional documents to get there. There are of course some exceptions to this rule. When you go on a distant journey, e.g. to Guadeloupe in Central America, which is a peripheral region of the European Union, you theoretically only need to have your ID card with you, but if you have a scheduled stopover in the USA during your trip, you will need to obtain a transit visa before departure. So before you go on vacation,

What documents should I take to travel outside the EU?

While within the EU there are no problems with free movement, while directing your steps to places not closely related to the member states on the border we will encounter some difficulties. A trip to the nearby Ukraine for a weekend, which has for some time become a popular tourist destination among Poles, will require a passport. Similarly, if you want to go a bit further south and visit Kosovo during your vacation in sunny Croatia. The complicated geopolitical situation of this territory means that the country also requires external visitors to have a valid passport.

Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

We will encounter even greater difficulties when crossing the border with Russia, Belarus and Turkey. We are aware that in the first two countries this is a permanent practice, but Turkey, which is experiencing the invasion of Polish tourists every year, should look at our country with a slightly more kind eye. Unfortunately, the Turks, like the Russians and Belarusians, at the border will require travelers - in addition to a passport - also a visa.

Journey to the other end of the world

A trip to distant countries, such as the United States or China, will always mean having a passport and a special visa. Its production is not only a rather complicated clerical process, but also a cost that must be borne by the traveler. Sometimes it comes to even several hundred zlotys, and you must remember that our application may be rejected. In addition, visas are not issued for an indefinite period and if they expire, the action should be repeated unfortunately. Applying for a visa or other documents necessary to cross the border of a particular country can be really tedious. When planning an exotic trip, it is worth looking for a travel agency that will handle all the formalities on our behalf.

What to see in Spain during a trip for two - 3 romantic inspirations

Although Spain is associated mainly with wonderful beaches, beautiful weather and generally a place created for summer holidays, this Mediterranean country has much more to offer than you might think. Trips to Spain do not have to rely only on blissful lounging on the charming beaches of Costa del Sol, but they can result in contact with the stunning architecture and extremely intriguing elements of culture. Take your other half on an exciting date around the most beautiful corners of Spain and get ready for a massive dose of electrifying sensations!
Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

A weekend in Barcelona for two

A trip to Spain with a loved one usually means a trip to Barcelona - the second largest city on the Iberian Peninsula. The capital atmosphere of the bustling bustling city almost 24 hours a day acts as a magnet for tourists. A walk along the famous La Rambla from Catalan Square to the statue of Christopher Columbus on the waterfront, both during the day and in the middle of the night, will make the hearts of those in love kill much more strongly. The view of the monumental Sagrada Familia, which is still under construction, will take lovers in a completely different dimension, and the afternoon spent in the magical Park Guell will remind you of the greatest moments from your childhood. Phenomenal view of the city from Montjuïc Hill, which includes The Olympic Stadium or National Palace will reward visitors with the hardship associated with climbing the hill. On the hill it is worth stopping at the Magic Fountain, which after dark turns into a music scene with a fairy-tale play of lights. Barcelona is also a mecca for football fans. One of the most spectacular stadiums in the world or the famous Camp Nou is most pleasant to visit while holding a loved one by the hand.

A romantic trip deep into Spain

At first glance, the capital, Madrid, may not seem as glamorous as Barcelona. However, it is undoubtedly a city that must be seen before leaving Spain. We start our visit to the Madrid metropolis from the central square, which is Plaza Mayor. Drunk morning coffee in one of the cafes there will add positive energy and allow you to enjoy the charms of majestic tenements around the square. Equally beautiful presents the Royal Palace, which is the official seat of the King of Spain. It is worth to end the intensive tour by resting in the shade of trees situated in the charming Sabatini park. A walk in the evening around Gran Via will convince you that you do not need to fly to the USA to feel like in New York for a moment. A trip to Madrid is also a chance to see ... Egyptian buildings! Debod Temple,

Journey to the home of flamenco

The combination of Muslim and Christian influences with an admixture of Jewish culture is a mixture that you cannot pass by indifferently. Amazing Andalusia is the perfect place to celebrate moments together. It's best to do it in Seville - the largest city in southern Spain, where in the ubiquitous hustle and bustle you will find the essence of the Andalusian lifestyle - the temperament of the inhabitants, lively music and great food. A weekend trip to Seville is also a meeting with phenomenal architecture. The famous Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary or the Royal Palace is just a piece of what the city hides. Big emotions await those who decide to visit the Bullfight Arena or the Flamenco Museum, where during the show you will experience the magic of this dance phenomenon.

Budapest - interesting facts and tourist attractions

In 1872, by merging three cities - Buda, Óbuda and Pest - a city was created, which is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. Budapest, because we are talking about it, often called Paris of the East, is a cultural melting pot, where Europeanness is mixed with elements of the Orient. The city, close in size to Warsaw, is packed with architectural monuments, some of which are real gems. The breeze of history is not the only factor that attracts crowds of tourists to the Hungarian capital. The short distance, relatively low prices, good food and friendly residents are the main advantages of the Balkans vestibule. Gryf travel agency invites you to a trip to Budapest, during which there will be attractions for both the spirit and the body.
Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

Budapest - a city built on the hills

The first attraction on the right bank of the Danube, which should not be missed, is Castle Hill. It is dominated by Matthias Church, which is one of the most important religious buildings in all of Hungary. Right next to it is the neo-Roman Fisherman's Tower, on top of which there is an atmospheric cafe. From its windows there is a wonderful view of the lazy river Danube and the left bank of the city. The Castle Hill, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, also houses the Royal Castle. Inside you will find interesting collections of the National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum. The hill can be reached by bus, tourist train, foot or special elevator.

To the west of Castle Hill is a 235 m high hill called Gellert Hill. In the past, the area was considered to be particularly dangerous because of the high crime rate. In 1851 a citadel was built on the hill with walls up to 16 m thick. Currently, it is an excellent viewpoint over the city. On the Gellert Hill, attention is also drawn to the Freedom Monument, created in honor of Soviet soldiers fighting for Budapest. After descending from the hill, it is worth taking a look at the Rock Chapel, as if sunk into the foot of the hill. An interesting fact is that inside the chapel, regardless of the season, there is a constant temperature of 21 ° C.

Majestic Pest

The left-bank Pest also abounds in a number of impressive buildings, the view of which can delight. An interesting element joining both banks of the Danube is the Chain Bridge with characteristic sculptures of lions watching at both ends of the bridge. After crossing the river, the first steps should be directed towards the parliament building. The impressive edifice, proudly standing right on the banks of the Danube, is one of the largest buildings of this type in the world. The symbol of the Hungarian capital looks phenomenal, both day and night, and its richly decorated interiors can literally bother.

What else is worth seeing in Budapest?

A must-see point is the Basilica of Saint. Stefan, which is the largest church in Hungary. Of the impressive sacred buildings, it is impossible not to mention the Great Synagogue, the largest building of this type in Europe. Anyone looking for a break should visit the famous Széchenyi Baths. It is the largest thermal bath and pool complex on the continent, enjoying great popularity not only among the local community. For those who prefer active rest, the best place for sports will be Margaret Island on the Danube. The island is full of greenery and has pitches, tennis courts and bicycle paths. It is also an ideal place for jogging and family picnicking in the bosom of nature.

Trip to Dubai - feel the taste of exoticism and luxury

The origins of Dubai go back to prehistoric times, but the city, in the true sense of the word, has been functioning for only half a century. The breakthrough in Dubai's history came after the discovery of oil resources in Dubai in 1966. From that moment, the city began to grow rapidly - to the extent that today it can safely be considered a synonym of luxury. Everything in Dubai must be top shelf. Buildings, cars, powerful communication arteries look like from a different reality. A futuristic desert city, as Dubai is often called, is not a soulless building, but a real work of art. You just have to see them to understand them.
Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

Dubai full of glamor - how is that possible?

Trips to Dubai are not organized just to glimpse luxury and enviously look at the indecently rich people comfortably sitting in their Ferrari. Holidays in the Middle East are a great opportunity to see closely that virtually nothing can be created from nothing. Yes, it would not be possible without the river of money, but money alone is not everything. Dubai is proof that thanks to visionary thinking, international cooperation, human talents and ingenuity you can set a completely new direction in the process of urbanization. Dubai is a symbol of technological progress and dynamic development that has taken place off the coast of the Persian Gulf.

Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

What is worth seeing in Dubai?

There will be no exaggeration in saying that you have to see literally everything in Dubai. In addition to the very center dripping with gold and dominated by skyscrapers, it's worth taking a look at the side streets and going, for example, to the traditional Arab market. Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet, makes the biggest impression on tourists. The skyscraper measures 829 m, but the observation deck is 15 floors below. Impressive views from this height are breathtaking and cannot be described in words.

Right next to Burj Khalifa there is a 275 m long multimedia fountain that offers tourists unforgettable shows every day. You will feel the luxury of your own, walking slowly around Dubai Marina. This exclusive city district, packed with skyscrapers and shopping malls, takes tourists to a different reality. It is worth coming back here also in the evening, when the skyscrapers are beautifully lit and shimmering with thousands of colors.

Dubai from a slightly different angle

Attractions in Dubai do not have to be associated only with splendor and omnipresent wealth. It's a lot of fun for visitors to this city by the most modern subway ride in the world, which is completely maintenance free. Take a comfortable position in the first car and feel the role of an underground train driver. Exotic holidays are also a chance to see the fantastic world of animals, which you will not find in other parts of the world. Join the Dubai Aquarium and experience a fascinating journey through a tunnel surrounded by water, where sharks.

Dubai is a city immersed in desert sand, so you should take advantage of its charms. A trip in an off-road car in the desert or a short trip on the back of a camel will certainly be an unforgettable experience. When visiting this amazing city, you can't escape the pleasures of the local sea. Bathing in a place where the average annual air temperature exceeds 33 ° C is pure pleasure.

New Year's trip abroad - welcome the New Year in a unique style!

Sadness overwhelms everyone who relaxes, because the holiday season is slowly coming to an end and it's time to return to their daily duties. Holidays have passed quickly, but the rest of the year will go down in history just as quickly. For this reason, it is worth planning a trip to New Year's Eve. This year, for a change, replace a boring party or snobby ball room with an eventful trip abroad. New Year's Eve alone? Or maybe with a proven group of friends? The choice is yours. We will only tell you where to spend New Year's Eve abroad, to welcome the New Year in an original way and return to your homes in good spirits.
Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

New Year's Eve in exotic countries

Many of us can not imagine New Year's Eve without a big party until dawn, fireworks and hectoliters of champagne. Some, however, want to get away from it all and decide on a completely different solution. New Year's Eve in a distant country, where instead of biting frost we have at our fingertips pleasant sun rays, is becoming an increasingly popular way to welcome the New Year. Full relaxation, without unnecessary haste, a race for a cool outfit, queues at the hairdresser and all the stress associated with the preparation for this only night of the night tempts more than one person. Higher temperatures will be felt, for example, in the Canary Islands, Cyprus or Tunisia. During the Christmas and New Year's period it is not as crowded as in the summer season, which should also be considered a big advantage.

Trip to the mountains for New Year's Eve

An interesting idea to spend New Year's Eve is also a trip to the mountains. Welcoming the New Year in good company and surrounded by beautiful majestic mountain peaks is an extraordinary experience. However, before midnight breaks, it is worth taking advantage of the charms of the mountains and instead of lazing on the couch try your hand on the slopes. When deciding on such a trip, you need to consider whether the resort offers more than just ski runs. For complete relaxation you also need indoor swimming pools, thermal waters or wellness. Full regeneration of the body before a climatic feast in a cozy mountain cottage, as well as after it, will allow you to return from the trip with charged batteries and start the new year in a good mood.

New Year in the European style

For people who want to spend New Year's Eve in a traditional way, but a bit differently than usual, we suggest a trip to one of the European capitals. This is a unique opportunity to combine sightseeing and tourist-friendly metropolises with champagne fun. Paris? Vienna? Or maybe the nearby Prague, where true crowds of tourists go to the turn of the year? Dancing in an international group will warm up the frozen bodies, and extraordinary food will turn the palate into a paradise on earth. How to plan a trip to Prague to worry only on New Year's Eve whether the explosive creation will impress others? Gryf travel agency will do it for you. Our many years of experience is a guarantee that you will jump on the New Year with a smile on your face.

Trip with ticket for the World Cup in ski jumping in Zakopane 2020

Poles can easily be called a very diverse nation, but on several issues we all speak with one voice. Sport is a plane that helps maintain national identity. Even people who do not follow the actions of athletes on a daily basis, keep their fingers crossed for representation in Euro football matches in the summer, and support the Polish ski jumpers in the winter. The excellent results of once Adam Małysz and now Dawid Kubacki, Kamil Stoch or Maciej Kot make us observe a medal competition with bated breath. We will successfully call ski jumping Polish national winter sport.

World Cup in ski jumping 2020

For the 41st time the best jumpers from around the world will compete to compete for the Crystal Ball. This year, the struggles of athletes will start with the competition in Wisla on November 23, 2019, and the players will fight for their last points on March 15, 2020 in Vikersund (Norway). 30 individual competitions and 6 team competitions are planned. The jumpers will have the opportunity to prove themselves on the most famous ski jumps in Poland, Austria, Germany, Finland, Switzerland and Norway.

Tips Travel, Austria, Spain

The Polish national team includes such famous names as: Hula, Kot, Kubacki, Stoch and Żyła. We keep our fingers crossed for the best results and repeat the success from last year, when our countrymen managed to win first place in the Nations Cup.

World Cup - ski jumping 2020 Zakopane

Winter sports fans cannot miss such a big event as the World Cup, organized by the International Ski Federation. The trip to the ski jumping competition in Zakopane seems to be particularly interesting.

Tickets for the event, which is the World Cup ski jumping 2020 Zakopane, are selling like hot cakes. The competition takes place on January 25 and 26, 2020, but due to the huge interest, the tickets have been sold out. That is why we propose a trip in a package with jumping tickets in Zakopane.

Organizing a ski jumping trip?

You can easily avoid the stress of buying tickets that you no longer have and organizing the entire trip. Watching the show is one thing, but you also need to organize transport, accommodation and complete your free time. If you don't have time to plan your travels, it's worth giving this task to professionals from the Travel Agency. When it comes to organizing trips, ski jumping and other sports escapades stand out in the offer in a special way. Employees will make every effort to ensure that customers can devote themselves entirely to sports emotions without bothering about organizational matters. Gryf travel agency has been operating on the tourist market for over 20 years and during that time had invaluable experience in planning trips for fans.

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The price of the trip includes a trip to a ski jumping competition, which consists of: a round trip bus ride from Katowice or Krakow, 2 nights with board at a 3 * hotel, decorated with a hint of highlander style. Hotel near the city center and the hill. Admission tickets for Saturday and Sunday struggles of jumpers on Wielka Krokwia. Entrance tickets guarantee comfortable viewing of professions from sector D.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - plan your trip sooner!

The Olympic Games are a real treat for all tourists and sports fans. Live emotions, being on the spot, communing with the atmosphere and masters in every discipline bring enormous joy. The Olympic Games are not only sports competitions, but also cultural and artistic events and shows. A trip to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games must be planned very well in advance. Trip sales have been going on since September 2019. Entries and tickets for some competitions, disciplines are not available in 2019. The Japanese register record interest and orders from around the world for tickets and hotels. Purchases of individual tickets for world citizens are to be launched at the beginning of 2020 in January or February, nobody knows it yet! We currently offer and have some tickets in packages with accommodation,
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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - how did it start?

The history of the Olympic Games goes back to antiquity, and the first competition of modern times took place in 1896 in the Kingdom of Greece. Since then, once every 4 years (with a few breaks), we have been able to observe the medal struggles of the best players from individual countries. Together, we experienced sporting emotions and ripped our throats in hot doping in the stands or in front of the TV.

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games will begin with the inaugural ceremony on July 24, 2020, and the completion is scheduled for August 9, 2020. During over 2 weeks of the event, we will see a fight for medals in 37 disciplines. For the first time, street basketball, surfing, karate, skateboarding and sport climbing joined the group of Olympic disciplines. That is why the Olympic Games attract so many tourists from all over the world, everyone will find something for themselves! A trip to Tokyo at IO 2020 will not be cheap, the city itself is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world. With such events, prices also rise significantly for hotels. For this food during your stay does not have to be expensive, Tokyo has many solutions and proposals.

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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - TOP competitions

In Poland, the most attention is drawn to competitions in which our athletes represent a high level of sport and the chance to win medals. Of course there is men's volleyball, athletics, rowing, frequent surprises. According to experts and forecasts, we will bring 19 Olympic medals (there were 11 medals in Brazil).

The Polish Men's Volleyball Team will be at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and will fight for the medal. International experts say it's for gold! We already know seven teams that will perform at Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. They are: Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, USA, Italy, Japan + 5 teams from TOP will also be known in January 2020. We still have packages with a "Follow my Team" guaranteed ticket and guaranteed regardless of whether we play.
Tickets for volleyball will be sold out very soon, all you have to do is see who will play and from which countries fans will come! Even in the group stage, one entry of fans will be for 4 national teams and local fans from Japan, so you can't wait.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - you have to hurry!

"Discover tomorrow" - this is the slogan of IO Tokyo 2020. However, we advise you not to postpone important decisions for later. The Olympic Games are a sports festival for tourists and fans from around the world. Every sport lover not only dreams to be at the Olympic Games once in a lifetime, see the championships in so many competitions in one place live. It should be emphasized that dozens, if not hundreds of other cultural and artistic events always take place at the Olympic Games.

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Planning your own journey can be difficult and time consuming, so it's worth leaving it to professionals. Gryf Travel Agency has been on the market for 25 years. During this time, he was planning hundreds of trips to various sporting events including the Olympic Games and acquired a lot of experience in this field. Such an internship guarantees that all exit points are completed with the last button.
For such events, tourist organizers in many countries around the world accept reservations, advance payments 2 years in advance, e.g.; USA, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, WB and more. This gives them an advantage over others, they can plan, buy many related tourist services and tickets much earlier.
Trips to such global TOP events must be planned very well in advance, you can't wait! Later it can only be more expensive!

Discover Tokyo during your trip to the Olympic Games

A trip to the Olympic Games does not have to be connected only with the Olympic arenas. Tokyo is one of the largest and most interesting world metropolises. So different from our European capitals; colorful, industrial, sometimes quirky - this place will delight everyone. It will satisfy and delight every tourist with its momentum, architecture, culture and entertainment.
In the intervals between competitions it is worth visiting the most famous places on the tourist map of Tokyo. BP Gryf will offer its clients additional attractions, visiting the cosmopolitan city of Tokyo and more distant places worth visiting. Japan has an excellent railroad and the fastest train connections. For example, we will reach Shinkansen at a speed of 285 km / h, and on average the connection is only a few dozen seconds delay,

The Akihabara district is a paradise for lovers of electronics and computer games. Fans of gadgets will find many specialized stores here. Tokyo Skytree - one of the tallest buildings in the world will make a huge impression on visitors. Near the Japanese capital is an old volcano, Fuji, which is also the highest peak in the country. The view of the mountain in full majesty is breathtaking.

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