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Tip Tuesday (Blogging)

By Elisabeth @onecutedoc

Hey Everyone! My Tip Tuesday this week is to remember why you started a blog. I know sometimes blogging can be frustrating. You wonder if anyone is really reading what you have spent hours writing. You think to yourself, "Is blogging even worth it." Whenever negative thoughts pop in your head, remember why you started blogging in the first place. You may have started blogging to earn an extra income (I hope this was not the only reason why. If it was, you will most likely be miserable). You may have started blogging because you want people to hear your voice. You may have started blogging because you feel you are an expert in an area. Or you simply may have started blogging because you were bored. However, I think most of us started our blog because we have a passion for writing and sharing our ideas with the world.

This week take time to think about why you started blogging. Don't get frustrated because you are not getting as many views as you want. Don't feel down because you worked hours on a post for only a few viewers to like. Don't feel like quitting because only a couple people follow your blog. Don't beat yourself because you are not yet profiting from blogging. Instead, take some deep breaths and remind yourself that blogging is your passion. It doesn't matter if only one person read your post. All that matters is that you are proud of your blog. Continue working and improving on your blog and views will come. Blogging takes work and most importantly time. Keep doing what you are doing and give your blog time to be a hit. Success in life takes hard work and dedication. The same is true for blogging.

Write down why exactly you started blogging and post it where you can see it everyday (you could even write a whole blog post about why you started your blog). When you are feeling down, read it over and over again. Don't lose sight of your passion and what you what to accomplish through blogging. Have goals for your blog and accomplish them daily, weekly, and yearly. Remember the most successful blogs started out just like us. Overtime, they became the blogs they are today.


Tip Tuesday (Blogging)

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