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Tiny Worlds of SMS

By Roopz @Roopakutty

Tiny Worlds of SMS
“Tin Tin Titin”…Another message came to my cell. Receiving SMS and replying has become a part of our life. In fact it has created another lingo called SMS language. I have observed the ways of people sending messages. I’d say it is really funny to study the style of messaging. Even though I make fun of SMS, you must understand that I do send messages regularly. I am a person who sees the positive sides of SMSng. These short messages help you to keep in touch with your friends every day. It is not possible to call many of your buddies daily. Again, if you want to inform the same news to many people you can just type “Please do read my latest blogpost” and send it to many as SMS.
Tiny Worlds of SMS
Have you observed how people message? I am not talking about lovers who start their day by messaging “good morning” and sleep only after wishing “good night”. They belong to special category. What I mean is a classification of other SMS senders. If not, meet a few SMS senders:
  1. Serial Senders: These people are hard to bear because when they start messaging, it is hard to end. Even an “ok” or “hmm” doesn’t let them stop or understand that the receiver is exhausted. However you can message them when you are too bored and have no work to do. At that time, they can be good entertainers.
  2. Forwarders: The only SMS they send are forwards. Some forward SMS will be good while others will be worse. They will stock a good collection of SMS to forward.
  3. Wishers: This section of senders will never miss to wish others. When you open your eyes in the morning, you’ll find their wish and before midnight they’ll conclude with a good night wish. However don’t expect them to reply for your messages. They just love to wish you and not reply for your enquiries. To those people I used to message “Your wishes will let me know that you are alive. So keep messaging”!
  4. Late night SMSers: There are some people who start messaging after 10pm. They can send SMS till morning. I wonder when they will sleep!
  5. Heavy Senders: When you message some, you’ll get instant reply. They never like to delay for their senders’ queries. I may come in this group.
  6. Once-in-awhile SMSers: There is a section who has message offer but don’t use it often. They message rarely either because they are busy or they don’t wish to waste their SMS.
  7. Informers:A very helpful class, these buddies pass any information they receive to their friends and relatives.
  8. Sincere Senders: A few people reply and send SMS even if they don’t have any message booster/offers. If you receive messages from anyone like that, understand that they truly care for you.
SMS has created a strong bonding among people. Any news can be passed to hundreds of people within minutes. Yet SMS addiction or textaphrenia is a serious depression that the youth face today. Again, I had seen when a group of friends chat in a room; they’ll be also busy messaging in their cell phones. SMS has created many tiny private worlds for each individual that is locked with security code. Now you think about it, let me reply for my inbox messages!
Expecting your sincere remarks and experience on SMS! Also please point out if I have missed any kind of message senders in the classification!

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