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My Devotion

By Roopz @Roopakutty
My Devotion

Holding my thoughts, I prayed a second before scribbling. I am not a devotee who fixes time for prayers and sit in front of lighted lamps with closed eyes. Mostly those who do all these might not be able to concentrate for the whole time being. Their mind would wander through all gossips they have listened to for the whole day.

My concept of prayer is serene and quiet. I can do it even while having a piece of watermelon. It is just a divine communication between me and the Almighty. For that I need no hymns or music. In fact silence is what I love during prayers. Also I don’t believe that dumping money in devotional places will please God and would give extra blessings. Instead, give it poor people. At least offer them money for a meal. Or else, give food and water to birds and animals. Similarly, water plants that are about to die. Everything around you is creation of God. Life is about offering little things that could delight others. That’s the true devotion I believe.

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