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Let Not Be A Melancholy

By Roopz @Roopakutty
Let Not Be A Melancholy

Nostalgia… My favorite word in English! I’m fond of everything around. Memories of village, aroma of first downpour, film songs of my childhood days, mangoes, jackfruits, cows, rice field, river, creeks… what not! I fear if my blog’s name would come as the last item in my list of reminiscence. Writing has turned out to be a task. ‘You think in Malayalam and write in English. Better quit that habit. You should do both in same language’, my brother in law once advised me. Yeah true! Working for a daily that uses your mother tongue is really easy. Is it? Even it is tough at times. Yet we are more flexible compared to a language that you’ve learned by reading, writing and speaking. Sincerely speaking, I lost my touch in English. Hard it is to scribble a few words. Moreover I’m  very much concerned about grammatical errors though a few of them will be spotted by MS Word itself. The flow I had three years ago is missing now. But the likes for my Facebook page is increasing day by day. Also when I attend any function, people keep asking what happened to ‘village girl’. Don’t think I am boasting. This is a platform I nurtured from nothing. I built it with words, feelings and experiences. I kept torturing people to read. Many ran away just like when you meet insurance policy agents. When the whole thing became silent, I realized there is still a handful left who read this blog seriously.Village and greenery were my energizers. Today I am far away from both. I sit in my room in my night gowns and try to type a few group of words. I’ve kept my phones silent. I’ve learned the art of imagining so that I’d feel the smell of fresh leaves, chirping of little birds and the soothing wind even if the actual sounds around me is that of tile cutters, hammers and earth movers.

I wish to write more and more, update every now and then. Laziness and tight schedules make a fuss of everything. No more fake promises. This is the world I live, lived and will be living with my real self!

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