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Tiny Little Weight Loss Gripe.

By Advsinwtloss @advsinwtloss
So I'm getting to the point where all of my favorite clothes are either too big for me or getting too big for me. I'm getting ready to get rid of loads of 30/32 and 26/28 clothing. My gripe is about one of my most loved shirts, my "Mooby's" shirt. If you're a Kevin Smith fan or you've seen some of his movies, specially "Dogma" and "Clerks II" you know what I mean. I have the same exact purple bowling shirt that is worn in the movie "Clerks II".

Tiny little weight loss gripe.

The stars of "Clerks II" wearing the shirt I'm talking about

 I bought it in Red Bank, NJ at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash while on our "Kevin Smith Tour" years ago. So, it is a very special shirt. I spent lots of money on it too. I went years without wearing it because it was too small and now it's getting too big.
Tonight I was out with Hubby and two friends and I looked at myself in the mirror while in a bathroom and I looked like I had a husband who is bigger than I am right now and I was wearing his clothes (we don't have a full length mirror at home and it didn't look that bad in the bathroom mirror at home). Although I do intend on wearing some of hubby's t-shirts when I am small enough, which isn't too far away. He does have an awesome t-shirt collection. I don't like how my Mooby's shirt looks on me.

Tiny little weight loss gripe.

Me during our "Kevin Smith Tour" outside the most
famous Mini Mart ever, The Quick Stop from "Clerks"

Guess I might do some sewing I guess. As much as I hate to sew it really outweighs the frustration of having to stop wearing my shirt or keep wearing it like it looks on me right now.
Ok, it's late and this was a rather lame attempt at  a post, but there you have it.
As always, thank you for reading.

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