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Tinted Ugly Bunny

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Tinted Ugly BunnyOne of the arts standards for elementary students is learning how to tint colors by adding white. For these bunnies, students were able to make their own pastel color, and later add detail with oil pastels.CLASS ONE: 1. On a large (12" x 19") sheet of brown paper, student drew a large “ugly” bunny. The definition of ugly in this case means lopsided, worn, etc. When complete, the lines were traced with a heavy black permanent marker.2. Students painted white shapes (eyes, teeth, etc.) with tempera paint, and then added a color to their white to mix up a tint. The body was filled in, painting around lines when possible.CLASS TWO: 1. Students use oil pastels to retrace their main lines in black, and then adding any other details they desired, like clothes, accessories, etc.2. The bunnies are cut out near the marker edge, but leaving a little extra brown paper for effect.

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