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"Time Was On His Side"

By Trebeca04
    "Time Was On His Side"
This assemblage began with the image of the handsome young man inside the clock box, whose identity I do not know . . . I found the photo tossed inside a large bin along with hundreds of other vintage photographs. When I was looking through the pile of images, this one literally jumped out at me. His fresh face seemed so full of promise, his eyes so full of hope, his future so bright. I wondered what became of him? Did he live a life fulfilled? Did he achieve great success? Was he generous and kind? Did his grandchildren look up to him? Or did he loose his way somehow?
Vintage wooden clock case contains an acrylic skin of the young man's image over a background of sheet music, and the original Baby Ben clock face. A tiny metal Model T in the forefront. The outside of the clock box is embellished with a single strand of glass beads holding a silver key on the end. A metal leaf from an Italian wall sconce, and a small brass spinning wheel add interest. 

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