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Time Required to Start Up Windows 8 Twice Faster as Windows 7

Posted on the 11 July 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u


windows 8 starter

September last year Microsoft released a Developer Version for Windows 8At that time they claimed that the time needed to boot up much faster than the next version of Windows. It is now understood that the boot time of Windows 8 will be very fast, maybe even you will not have time pressing F2/F8 to go to the settings screen. test the time it takes to boot up from a 64bit version of Windows 8 Preview Release is compared with the 64 bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate. Testing performed on the same PC Toshiba Portege R835 laptop-P88. Result, the Windows boot up is only 8 times 17 seconds, while Windows 7 is more than twice that time, tepatya 38 seconds. Other tests showed that the performance of Windows 8 is much better than Windows 7 almost in all aspects, including rendering video, copy-paste the data file of the same hard drive and web browser.There is only one point where Windows 8 is slower, the time required to move files from a USB 2.0 flash drive to a PC. source tekno


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