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Time Rats 2 and Androids

By Lexi Revellian @LexiRevellian
I've decided that the best use of my spare time in the thirty days TIME RATS Book 1, The Trouble with Time, is on Kindle Scout is not to fret over the Hot and Trending chart, or spend time and money whipping up nominations. Instead I'm formatting the print version of the novel, and working on TIME RATS 2.

The novel starts with a new character called Angel. Here's my elevator pitch for TR2: Brian decides to give his companion android an illegal upgrade to make her as smart as she is beautiful. What could possibly go wrong?

While I was researching androids on Google, I came across this striking animatronic sculpture by Jordan Wolfson. Although he was not attempting to make a slavishly true-to-life android, but aiming for something edgier, she is so much more lifelike than those passive Japanese super realistic robots. This particular video, and the comments below it, set me on the road to creating Angel.

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