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Time On My Hands; A Look A Motherhood

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10057092 Time On My Hands; A Look A Motherhood

So my youngest child started Big School last week. This was going to be a defining moment in my life – the moment when I would suddenly have time! Time to be organised, time to be on top of everything, time for the house to be tidy, the washing to be done and a home cooked meal to be bubbling on the stove when my husband walked through the door!

I would also have time for extra work, time to win some new business, time to do some amazingly brilliant things for my existing clients, time to file, time to invoice and perhaps, there might just be time to file my tax return early (rather than a desperate rush over New Year as the deadline looms)!

Oh yes … all this was destined to happen. I’ve been thinking about it and planning it for the past year or more! The countdown to having time!

Since January I’ve said “Yes, but when they are both at school I’ll be able to fit it in!” about a hundred times … at least!

Oh, I forgot to mention that with all my extra time, I would also be amazingly fit, fabulously slim, toned and beautiful. There would of course be time to exercise, have my hair done, pop out for a manicure and work on my appearance before skipping out the door to pick the little treasures up at 3.00pm! Hey, I’ve read the magazines – I know about School Run style … and boy am I ready for it!

The kids have now both been at school for over a week and I am very sad to report that none of this has happened… What, you could have told me that? Well why didn’t you!

So far, I have been just as unorganised as ever … although I have been spared the embarrassment of forgetting about clubs as they are yet to start and we haven’t been set any homework as yet – well, none that I’ve found out about anyway!  There also haven’t been library books to forget, or show & tell things to leave behind, or projects, or mufti day, or any of the other things that were sent to trip me up last year!

Plus I’ve got a few new tricks up my sleeve! In a bid to gain a few extra minutes in the morning, and to try and lose my reputation for ALWAYS being late, I have taken to wearing my gym kit to school in the mornings – I read somewhere that all the yummy mummys are doing it – although I think they are probably doing it because they are actually going to do some exercise – I do it so that I have an excuse for bad hair and lack of make-up!

The house is not tidy, the washing isn’t done and so far I’ve managed to cook one Spaghetti Bolognese – the more adventurous culinary delights have failed to materialise!

But it’s still early days – maybe I’ll give myself another month – then I’m sure I’ll definitely have more time on my hands and will manage to achieve everything on my list … and some!

OK, you can stop laughing … I will do it … no really … I will … I just need a bit more TIME!

By Jo Henderson

Freelance PR and Harassed Mother!

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