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Time is a Commodity

By Shawnaschuh
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Image by Annie Mole via Flickr

The people with the highest character have the best people skills: Good character demands good conduct.


Commodity is a traded item – When we spend other people’s time frivolously or when we waste other people’s time by being late or unprepared we are stealing something that cannot be returned. 

 Be on time for everything and this will become not only your reputation, it will produce stellar relationships and allow you to use your time well. After all the time you spend apologizing for being late is also something you cannot get back.

 When you are late the message you convey is, “I am more important than you.” If that’s the message you intend to send, expect to be unsuccessful in business as well as in relationships.

 If you want to be successful – be on time and show people you value them. It’s the most simple and honorable thing to do.

Character and personal force are the only investments that are worth anything. 

Walt Whitman




Remember you create your day by the way you think!

Make it magnificent!


Blessings, Shawna

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