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Tiger Woods Determined Not to Dethrone Couples as King of "Silly Season"

By Golfforbeginners

Tiger Woods determined not to dethrone Couples as King of It has often been stated that Fred Couples, considered the "King of the Silly Season" and dominant skins player, became "Champion" of the off-season due to debilitating back problems.
In spite of being sidelined for much of 2007 and 2011, Couples still managed to make the cut at the '07 Masters and won the 2011 Senior Players Championship after treatment in Germany.  
That's determination folks.
Tiger Woods, in my opinion, is now waging war against his physical ailments, as did Couples, and is looking forward to the challange and to putting 'W's alongside his name once more.
Woods has said he's "anxious to compete."
Within the next few months, Tiger Woods will be testing the waters to see how his knee/achilles and golf game in general are progressing with an eye on helping the Americans win the Presidents Cup chalice.
Does Couples believe Woods can help lead President's Cup 'Team USA' to victory, knowing as he does of the incapacitating nature of Woods' injury?
Couples said. "If he goes there and doesn’t play well, I would be shocked."
Today, Tiger Woods plays golf at Turning Stone Resort, to benefit the Notah Begay III Foundation (which seeks to eradicate childhood obesity in the Native American Community) and possibly as the first in a series of "tests" to prepare for President's Cup "Team USA". I don't know about the rest of the fans in cyberspace, but this is one golfing girl who is happy to see Woods representing the home team!
After the non-competitive(?) Turning Stone appearance, Woods takes on California at the Open. Some golf media consider the to be a "second-tier PGA Tour event" but rest assured, with Tiger in attendance, the Open just moved way up in the rankings!
The fact that Woods was eliminated from FedEx Cup participation and that he still needed a few events under his belt before Couples allowed him to play for Team USA is probable reason for Tiger even entertaining the idea of playing the Open. Victory here, although adorned with less meaning than winning another FedEx Cup or a major, will help to validate Woods' return and bring added confidence for the 2012 season.
Tiger Woods golf blog mentioned another reason for his decision to play at the Frys Open, "One of my goals this year was to participate in a tournament I hadn't played before, and now, I will."
After the Frys, Tiger Woods travels 'round the world to Melbourne, in order to compete at the Australian Open in November, a week before his return to team play at the President Cup. A hearty welcome and a healthy stipend probably helped lure Woods to this event ...and Couples' strong warning certainly escalated the importance of this tune-up before representation as Freddie's pick.
Bottom line? Tiger Woods needs to start playing golf whether it be in charitable events and/or fall-series tournaments to see whether or not he can work through his injuries and regain status on the PGA Tour as a formidable contender. If not, move over Couples. You will be dethroned!
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