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Tidbits from San Francisco

By Homesmsp @HomesMSP

I have been in San Francisco this week, enjoying both a great Inman Real Estate Connect conference about the latest in real estate technology and the joys of being in San Francisco. Below are a few tidbits from this week.

From the conference...

  • More than 52% of Internet usage is now happening on portable personal devices rather than on desktop computers
  • This change can be likened to the shift from silent movies to talkies, like BW to color TV, from stationary to ubiquitous, from formal to casual
  • Real estate market is starting to see surges in activity, symbolic of a market that has bottomed out
  • Cool new tool just launched in time for the conference to help find your perfect neighborhood based on attributes which describe your ideal neighborhood... which you also prioritize... I may add to my website

From San Francisco...

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