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Thursday Things

By Mollyalice @mollyalicehoy

1. We’ve been hit with another unrelenting heat wave this week, which means I’ve been doing everything in my power to avoid turning on the oven, standing, moving, speaking, or generally exerting any kind of effort — hence the sparse posts this week. Hopefully I’ll be more prolific once the heat dies down!

2. Okay, so most people consider this to be a complete breach of character, but I LOVE roller coasters. Like, if I could be a roller coaster critic and ride roller coasters for a living, I would die happy. I would also probably die very soon because corkscrews consistently cause me to red out.

thursday things

ANYWAY, when one of Andy’s coworkers scored us tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain on Friday, I just about needed a change of pants. Andy is not a huge roller coaster buff — as it turns out, G-forces and multiple concussions do not good bedfellows make — but she did consent to go on a few of the gentler ones with me. They were well worth the headache I woke up with the next morning.

2. We’ve been hitting the Hulu Plus pretty hard. Among Andy’s and my recent discoveries include Stephen Fry in America, which I HEARTILY recommend, as well as Portlandia. When I did background work, people more than once told me I could be an actor on Portlandia because I have such a dry, deadpan sense of humor. Also because my face is rather funny looking. Well, I like the show, so I guess I’ll take that as a compliment.

3. Although not a Hulu Plus treasure, I’ve also discovered the joys of the new webseries My Gimpy Life, starring Teal Scherer of Axis of Anarchy fame. It’s an entertaining and not-at-all exploitative look at life as a handicapped Hollywood actress.

4. Speaking of Hollywood… I’m officially a California resident as of this week — plates on my car and everything! It’s a bit sad, though, because now when I drive like a crazy person, I don’t have the built-in excuse of being a gaijin…

thursday things

5. In this month’s issue of Strange Diseases and Conditions Molly Didn’t Realize She Was Living With, we’re taking a look at Irlen Syndrome. If you’ve never heard of it, that’s okay, because up until a few days ago, I hadn’t either. It’s basically a visual processing disorder that distorts how the brain perceives light, causing problems with depth perception, reading comprehension, sensitivity to light (especially fluorescent), etc. I first heard about it through one of the CAPD resources I regularly peruse, and it’s actually a really common condition among people with learning disabilities of all kinds. Reading through the symptom checklist was so spot-on, it was a bit eerie.

I’m scheduled to go in for screening next month to see if Irlen lenses can help alleviate some of my issues with depth perception/vertigo, sensitivity to light, and my mild reading difficulties (I don’t have a problem with reading comprehension, but I constantly lose my place and reread lines). Best of all, if I end up getting some sweet Irlen glasses, I’ll pretty much never have to wear eyeliner again. Score!

6. I got another care package from the ‘rents this week filled with goodies and samples from Sephora, particularly my favorite cosmetic company of all time, Benefit. It’s hard to find skincare products that don’t bring me out in some rash or other, so when I find one I like, I am loyal to the grave.

7. Since the recent heat wave has left me all but incapacitated, I’ve FINALLY completely caught up on Glee, and am ready for season 4, which airs next month. Plus, I’m in it!

thursday things

8. More exciting news. After much deliberation with Andy — who, bless her, is a bit of a curmudgeon in some ways — I’ve decided to go vegan again for an indeterminate amount of time. I went vegan for a few months last year, but at the time came to the conclusion that it wasn’t for me, although I have been vegetarian since then. Now, I’m giving it another go — just as soon as I use up all the existing dairy products in my fridge. Andy, chagrined as she is, is striving to take similar steps towards healthier eating, although she’s going more of the paleo route. Hopefully we’ll both see some positive changes in our health, mood, and overall well-being!

And hopefully you won’t mind the sudden onslaught of  exclusively vegan recipes.

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