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Throwing the Best Kids Birthday Party Ever. Should You Hire an Ad Agency?

By Stevezany @stevezany

Throwing the best kids birthday party ever. Should you hire an ad agency? - RI Magician Kids Party Ventriloquist Steve Zany

Making your kids birthday party one to remember.

How do you throw the best kids birthday party for your child? The answer isn’t all that obvious, anymore. The reason will soon be obvious though.

If you had an unlimited budget and wanted to make sure you threw a kids birthday party that was guaranteed to be well-attended and the talk of the town afterwards. You’d likely freely spend money for that great kids birthday party idea. A kids party idea, for that matter, that perhaps no one had ever tried before.

Suppose you hired a advertising agency to handle such complexities in a desire to make your kids party a success. Perhaps, it’s not too far of a stretch for some deep-pocketed parents in an age of outrageous kids birthday parties.

Canadian ad agency John St., located in Toronto had some fun with this idea as a way to promote their business. They produced a great mock case study video of how they’d tackle making an 8-year old girl’s birthday party a success.

If you’re finding that planning your kids birthday party is a bit complex or stressful, this video satire may provide some great relief.

At a minimum, I believe you’ll get a good laugh. Check it out and let me know what you think by adding your comments below…

The takeaway here, once you cut through the thick irony, is that you can host a simple kids birthday party your child and friends will love without much research, a big budget or going big-box.

Interestingly, even the late 1990s were a simpler time for kids birthday parties than they are today. Back then, the most frequent place for a kids birthday party was the home, according to research by American Greetings, the greeting card company. The study found that the kids party was held in either the parents’ home (66 percent) or someone else’s home (12 percent).

Times have certainly changed in the past decade, or so, as birthday parties have become “super-sized,” commercial and anything but simple, as parents try to outdo each other or try to just throw a kids party that’s a different than others.

What’s a parent to do? Kim John Payne, author of the book Simplicity Parenting would likely suggest that, for a kids birthday party, less can be more. Less activity. Less racing around. Less clutter. Less materialism. Less competition. Less pressure. And that’s healthy for both your child and yourself, not only for the kids birthday party, but in life in general.

I hope you’ll find this post, and the many kids birthday party ideas I share on my Web site, useful in helping you think about and simplify your kids birthday party planning.

Or you could simplify things even further and give me a call to use me as a sounding board, at no cost. When it comes to kids parties and gatherings, I am a consultant first, kids magician second. I’d be happy to serve you in that regard.

Best wishes,

RI Kids Magician Ventriloquist Steve Zany

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By Ava Freame
posted on 04 October at 07:30
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For kids birthday party, you can also arrange all things and enjoy very much but it requires your time and better planning. I think hire agency is best option.