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Kids Birthday Party Ideas – How Long Should the Party Be?

By Stevezany @stevezany

Kids birthday party ideas – how long should the party be? - RI Magician Kids Party Ventriloquist Steve Zany

I am often asked by parents when it comes to kids birthday party ideas – how long should a kids party be? My recommendation is to keep your child’s birthday party tightly scheduled. Two hours for a kids party works out very well and provides many advantages.

If you’ll be having kids party entertainment, schedule the magician or children’s entertainer for either the first or second hour of the party. Consider spending the other hour providing cake and ice cream followed by the opening of presents. Perhaps add a game if time allows.

Especially when you plan to have kids entertainment at your child’s party, such as a magic show, what more do you need to do for a memorable party? I would suggest that’s plenty of activity.

The well-planned birthday party will ensure your child has a memorable time without becoming too over-stimulated. Plus, your party guests will have an unforgettable time as well.

And, if you’ll be having your kids party in your home, keeping it structured ensures you keep the kids exactly where you want them and doing what you want them to do the entire time. What mom or dad doesn’t want such piece of mind?

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