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Successful Kids Birthday Party Formula

By Stevezany @stevezany

As a kids party magician in Rhode Island for nearly 25 years, parents often ask me for a successful kids birthday party formula to make their child’s party the best ever. Well today I performed at two birthday parties. One parent took my advice. The other did not.

At each kids party both birthday children were five year olds. I gave both moms who hired me the same advice at the time they scheduled my magic show: Take their child’s age, multiply it by two and that would provide them with the ideal number of children their child could appreciate without their child and other kids becoming overwhelmed (at least based on my experience). Well here’s what happened…

There were about 10 kids at the first kids party. By all accounts, it was a smashing success right from the start. The birthday child really seemed to enjoy her time with her friends and mom and dad had the party well handled, relaxed and was able to enjoy the show with other parents.

At kids party #2, I walked in the door to somewhat of a chaotic event. The mom was faced with managing at least 20 children plus trying to host at least 20 adults. I felt for the birthday child, and her parents. The birthday child was clearly overwhelmed at her party, not to mention her parents who seemed exhausted.

As hard as it may be to do, I suggest parents try to avoid the urge to invite their child’s entire school class. Many parents find that their child and other children are often better behaved at the birthday party when the above formula is used. Plus, their house and sanity remain intact.

While my shows are magical, the formula isn’t. It’s grounded in child psychology. Try it and you may see your child has more vivid memories of their next party than ever before.

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