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Three Ways of Getting Reference to Set A Date with Your First Escort

By Moamen Enoo
Three Ways of Getting Reference to Set A Date with Your First Escort

Guys can feel nervous, when it is their first time to contact an escort service. One thing to remember is to set a date with a beautiful escort includes a screening process. Screening process is crucial for escort agencies to ensure that you are not an abuser or a cop. Therefore, the agency or the girl will ask you for a reference.

What is a reference?

In escort sector, a customer is asked for a reference meaning some other escort you have seen in the past and can vouch for you. Basically 99% escort services request reference, while there are a few that ask two references. Moreover, some need reference to be within last 5 or 6 months. It means you have been with an escort girl in the last 5 to 6 months.

First timers can find it hard to give any kind of reference. So, how to avert this obstacle when you visit the website LOveSita to hire a gorgeous escort you are interested in. if you feel that the escort agency or the girl will not contact your reference then you are wrong. Putting fake references can be bad, so be honest!

Three ways of getting reference to set a date with your first escort Look for 'newbies accepted'

'Newbies' is a common term, which means guy has never hired an escort service in the past. So, some escorts list themselves on their ads or in directory listing that newbies are accepted. They need normal screening process including your name, contact number and job detail. These are personal questions and many may find it inappropriate but you will need to provide these details just once. After an encounter with the first escort, you already get to refer her to your second escort. Don't hesitate! Professional escorts never disclose your personal details as they get paid for confidentiality.

Tip - If an escort does not demand a kind of verification then she is probably law enforcement. Personal reference

Possibility that one of your friends has secretly hired an escort because men in every profession have hired escorts for one purpose or another. Ask your friend for a reference. You can hire them even if she is not your type but you got a reference. If you are lucky then the recommendation can be a very attractive girl than expected.

Third party screening

Screening companies are generally 3 rd party that give escorts screening services. In this way, the escort does not have to screen every guy on her own. The screening services does it for her! It is a great option to get your very first reference for hiring an escort.

Generally, you sign with the screening company. Give them your personal information like name, work details, and phone number. They will check, if all the provided information checks out and you will get approval. The escort will then check with screening company to verify your reference and agree on a date. You will just have to pay a fee for the screening process.

Just as you are nervous in contacting an escort for the first time, the escort is also edgy when they handle first time callers!

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