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Three Perfect, Very Recent Examples of Republican Party Officeholders

Posted on the 12 April 2018 by Morage @kebmebms

Here's just three very recent examples of Republican Party government officeholders--what they've done and who they are.
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Sam Brownback, Kansas Governor

Kansas' tax cuts are a spectacular failure

Epic fail of Kansas' tax-cut plan 

offers a lesson for us all

Kansas's ravaged economy a cautionary tale 

Children paid for the failed Kansas tax cuts

S&P drops Kansas credit rating, 

citing lack of cash reserves

S&P revises Kansas rating outlook 

to negative on budget pressures

Under Brownback, Kansas' credit 

faces another downgrade

Plan to fix Kansas budget through school cuts 

implodes in state

Gov. Sam Brownback is cutting aid 

to Kansas schools by $44.5 million

Kansas, facing a huge budget deficit, 

wonders what to do next

Budget Cuts Are Putting More Kids 

in Foster Care - Talk Poverty

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Donald J Trump, United States President:

Under Trump's watch, national debt 

tops $21 trillion for first time ever 

Sound familiar?  Then it gets worse.

Meet Stormy Daniels, porn star who allegedly 

had an affair with Trump 

Here Are 13 Examples Of Donald Trump 

Being Racist

George Will: Trump has a 'dangerous disability'

Trump's 'get ready' threat to Moscow 

isn't just careless, it's dangerous

'The Most Dangerous Man in the World': 

Trump Is Violent, Immature

Woman testifies that Missouri governor hit her, sexually assaulted her
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Eric Greitens, Missouri Governor who only just began his administration and term, it should be remembered.

Eric Greitens: Missouri governor admits 

cheating on wife

Missouri governor admits cheating - 

but denies blackmailing mistress 

Ex-lover accuses Missouri governor 

of forced sexual encounter

I ask you, Missourians, Kansans, Americans...
Is this what and who you wanted in your state and/or national leader?

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