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Three Clever Ways Of Paying For The Cost Of IVF

By Momatlast @momatlast

By Hope Collins

Every year in the U. S., millions of lives are affected by infertility. Fortunately for many of those people, they will be able to conceive using treatments that are both economical and uncomplicated. A small percentage of those people suffering from infertility, however, will be recommended to undergo In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in order to have a good chance to become pregnant. These unlucky few will very likely need to pay for the high cost of IVF out of their own pocket because their insurance will not cover the IVF treatment.

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Sometimes the people who need IVF are unable to go through with the treatment because they simply cannot come up with a way to pay for it. What these people should do come up with creative solutions to their financial problem, like the ones below.

When people are determined to go through IVF so they can have a baby they will do whatever is necessary to make it happen. Many people find the money to pay for the cost of IVF right in their own house: in their unwanted possessions. Often people have unwanted items in their house or in storage that they don’t need, but haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it. Things like old furniture, collectibles, or tools are great examples. A great way to raise money for IVF is to sell those unnecessary items on eBay or on Craigslist. Even a garage sale would work. For people who are comfortable doing so, they could even solicit donations of unneeded household items from their friends and family as contributions. The money made from these types of sales will go a long way towards paying for IVF.

Another creative solution to paying for the cost of IVF is to get a second or part-time job on a temporary basis. Provided that the person’s schedule allows the time to do so, the person may be able to get a job working from home. Although most people are unaware of it, there are many companies that outsource positions to people who work them from their home. The companies can be found by searching the internet for work at home employers. For instance, one such company is called Alpine Access, but there really are hundreds of companies that outsource. The money earned from this temporary position can be used to pay for IVF in a very short period of time.

Many people who struggle to pay for the cost of IVF are happily surprised to find that their friends and family are very willing to help. If the people are comfortable doing so, they may consider explaining their circumstance to their friends and family and enlist their help in finding ways of making extra money to pay for IVF. Perhaps in exchange for a donation to their IVF fund, someone could offer to assist with household chores or maintenance. Tutoring or babysitting are also helpful services to provide. Many people find that their friends and family are just waiting for the chance to help.

The high cost of IVF does not have to be insurmountable. When a couple is determined to have the baby they have been waiting for, they will use every available resource to make their dream come true. Sometimes in order to afford In Vitro Fertilization a couple has to be creative and persistent.

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