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By Natasha Bhatt
Hello girls,
I am happy to do this tag post as requested by Riya from mymakeupandbeautyvanity. As rightly said by her it is lot of fun and you get to know the opposite person/blogger  more better in a fun way.I second that. So  here I go.....
  • Blush or Bronzer: Bronzer - I love both but I love how Bronzer  sculpts the face.
  • Lipgloss or Lipstick: Hands down Lipstick.. Those who know me well know what a big weakness I have for them... Lol :P
  • Eyeliner or mascara: I would prefer mascara because it has less scope for mistakes.
  • Foundation or concealer: Concealer because it helps in hiding the flaws on the face.
  • Neutral or color eyeshadow: I like both but neutrals are always my first preference.
  • Pressed or loose eyeshadows: Pressed eye shadows because loose ones get a little messy.
  • Brushes or Sponges: Brushes are the best.


  • OPI or China Glaze: I have not tried any but love China Glaze.
  • Long or short: I love them short because it is hygienic and easy to maintain.
  • Acrylic or natural: Natural anytime.
  • Brights or darks: I love Brights as they can change your mood instantly ;)
  • Flower or no flower: I have never tried any nail art but I want to so i would say  both.


  • Perfume or Body Splash: Perfume always as it is long lasting.
  • Lotion or Body Butter: Lotion most of the times.
  • Body wash or soap: Soaps because there are so many companies making yummy soaps and it is more convenient also ;)
  • Lush or other bath company: Well i have not tried Lush but here in Mumbai we get hell lot of hand made soaps which are affordable. So i would say other bath company.

  • Jeans or sweat pants:  I wear none of these. But i would prefer sweat pants.
  • Long sleeve or short: Short sleeves.
  • Dresses or skirts: You may be surprised but I don't wear any of these.
  • Stripes or plaid: Stripes.
  • Flip flops or sandals: Flip flops :p
  • Scarves or hats: I wear none of these.
  • Studs or dangly earings: I am a crazy earing collector. I love both but Now a days I prefer studs ;)
  • Necklaces or bracelets: Most of the times I wear none of these. But I prefer necklace.
  • Heels or flats: I never wear heels so flats for me always.
  • Cowboy boots or riding boots: None. I don't see myself wearing them ever :p
  • Jacket or hoodie: Both
  • Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe: Forever 21 is awesome.
  • Saks 5th or Nordstrom: Although we don't have these stores  in India. Nordstrom is amazing. They even have make up :p
  •  Curly or straight: 'Straight' as  most of the times I stay away from all the styling tools.
  •  Bun or pony tail: Pony tail anytime, Bun does not suit me ;)
  •  Bobby pins or butterfly clips: Bobby pins because they are versatile and work for all age groups.
  •  Hair Spray or Gel: I use none but I would prefer Hair Spray.
  •  Long or short: I prefer short  hair because I have hairfall problem and short hair is easy to manage
  •  Light or dark: I prefer lighter shade of hair colors and somehow they suit me too :)
  •  Side sweep bangs or full bangs: None... I  hate the sight of hair going into my eyes.
  •  Up or down: With so much of pollution I prefer keeping my hair up.

  • Rain or shine: 'Shine' as Rain makes me feel depressed.
  • Summer or Winter: Winter. Its better to wear a sweater than sweat like a pig.. Lol
  • Fall or spring: Spring makes me happy.
  • Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate makes me go weak in my knees ;) :p
  • East coast or west coast: Talking about India, west coast always.

I believe in simplicity a no nonsense attitude in life.I am not fashion conscious at all.. Hope I may learn something from all of you guys, especially from Tejinder Kaur... ;) <3 

I tag all the beauties to do this tag. It would be fun to read your answers too.

Love and Regards,

Natasha <3



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