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This Little Angel, Anastasia Petrik, Has Talent!

By Mendeleyeev

Victoria & Anastasia Petryk (Вікторія та Анастасія Петрик) are singing sisters, proud daughters of Ukraine and for good reason. Anastasia (Ah-nah-stah-si ya) burst on the scene two years ago while singing backup for her 14 year old sister. There she was, a mere 6 year old singing angel with an incredible alto voice. Today at the age of 8, Anastasia continues to steal the hearts of not only her native Ukrainians, but foreign fans as well.

Here she sings “Аллилуйя” (Alleluia) at the Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian National Opera House in Kyiv (Kiev).

In this video she sings ”Снег” (snow) with popular Russian singing star Philip Kirkorov (Филипп Киркоров).

Finally, this wonderful version of “Скрипаль Осінній” (Autumn Violin) in a duo with Нина Матвиенко (Nina Matvienko).

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