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This is the Song That Never Ends

By Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

This is the Song that Never Ends

Everywhere I look there is something being turned into a re-make.  You cannot turn on the TV without getting the feeling of deja-vu!  Haven’t we seen this show before?  Didn’t they already come out with that product?  I used to wear that same print as a kid!  I feel like you can’t throw a rock without hitting something that has been remade or re-issued!


This is my biggest gripe.  I have stopped going to movies all together because of the remakes!  They kill the original creation that is that movie! My favorite movie growing up was Clash of the Titans and I was crushed when they came out with a horrible, poorly shot, remake…in 3D no less!  I will continue to boycott the movie theater all together until they come up with something original and not from a book, TV Show or an old movie!

TV Shows

I understand that it is hard to please a very critical TV audience but showing us the same premise over and over is kind of old.  ABC is coming out with what they call a “New” show that is basically all of the old Fairy Tales rolled into one!  Fox has a showed that is basically Jurassic Park turned into a TV Show!  Can we please get a new premise for a TV Show?  Can we stop with the detective and cop shows already?  Makes we want to cancel my cable all together!


Now something tangible.  Where I live…all I see are cookie cutter houses.  All of the houses lined up in a row…with their white picket fences and door knockers.  The yards are all the same and the set up inside each house is the same!  I wouldn’t be surprised if you walked into someone else’s house, thought it was your own and proceed to take a shower!  I sometimes feel like I am living in a manila folder.  Maybe if we were creative and innovative we could create houses that are better for the world and help the economy.


80s Neon and 70s Bell Bottoms are back!  I know it is hard to come up with unique and inspiring fashions and clothing, but can we please stop going in circles?  I was in the store the other day and I saw a pair of leggings with a floral print.  I laughed and realized I had the same pair of leggings with the same floral print back when I was 10.  We need to be creative and open up our minds to come up with the newest trends and fashion!

This is the song that never ends….unless you take the CD out and break it!!! We need to change our thinking and stop doing the same things over and over, all the while thinking that those same actions will get a different result!

Innovate, Inspire and Create!

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