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This is the Bathroom Designers Wish For

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

Jennifer Ott is the Principal Designer at Jennifer Ott Design, LLC in San Francisco. She lends her insight into what features bathroom designers wish for. Budgets always force designers to cut items they would otherwise like to keep. What would professional bathroom designers do with an unlimited budget? Follow the link at the bottom to find out.

For the sinks, Ott chooses double undermounted sinks that are easier to clean and maintain than traditional sinks with a rim. She also recommends getting dual single sink vanities instead of a double sink vanity. This way each person has their own sink and takes the luxury of having dual sinks to the next level.

Toilets are an item where comfort and cleanliness matters. Ott says that wall mounted toilets are the best bet because they are much easier to clean and take up less floor space than a standard floor mounted toilet.

Master Bedroom with Stone Tub interior bathroom designers design unlimited budget luxury modern bathroom dual sink vanity bath tub walk in closet

During the winter, your choice of bathroom flooring makes a big difference when you walk onto a shockingly cold floor first thing every morning. To prevent this, ott recommends the energy efficient method of installing radiant-heat floors. They may be more expensive in the beginning, but the benefits in comfort and energy savings outweigh that in the long run.

A bathroom with a walk in closet may seem like a superficial luxury but they help make your daily life much easier. Being able to step out of the shower and start getting dressed is a huge time saver. Plus, it frees up space in your bedroom.

Bathroom ventilation is an area where it really pays off to spend more on a high quality system. Mold problems are common around grout because of poor ventilation. Having to re-grout a tiled shower wall is not cheap. Therefore, Ott suggests not skimping in this area.

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