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This is Cuba

By Darlenedame
this is cubathis is cubathis is cuba cuba smiling for the camera. cracks me up!^^this is cubathis is cubathis is cubathis is cubathis is cubathis is cuba
 this is cuba.she is our 4 month old french bulldog.she likes to sleep, toot, tear up the yard, eat and chew on everything, potty in the house, and help sweep by re-speading my piles that i've already swept (same goes with weeding the yard)and... she has me tied around her paw ;) i love this little pup. i mean, look at that face! she is also a great friend and can make me laugh all day long. she can be super cuddly and loving. she loves people (especially kids) and other dogs. i love having her around the house and having something to take care of. she has definitely tested my patience and in a way, i believe she's getting me ready for our baby. so, this is cuba.. the best dog in the world!

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