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Thirsty Work - Put the Kettle On.

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
My parents took their first pub when  was four moving from a family house to a large apartment over the public area. I well remember the first time I tasted a Coca Cola - the glass bottle was a work of art and the contents, particularly unusual and  refreshing, especially when ice cold. After several weeks , my Dad performed and experiment on the bar top. He put a dirty old penny  into a glass of Coke. We all watched as the liquid bubbled and completely cleaned the coin until it sparkled. I can honestly say that that I have rarely partaken since. God knows what it does to your insides.
As  a young girl I would watch my two older brothers and their mates have pint drinking contests. When the bar was closed in the afternoons. I would pour myself  a pint of lemonade  and practice drinking it down in one.  The boys were very surprised that I could soon do this with a pint of lager - it was far less fizzy than pop of course.
In my twenties, I worked as an entertaining Bluecoat for Pontins, taking part in several musical productions each week.  One night we had a Wild West show. We did the usual can--can and then I dressed up as Annie Oakley to perform 'I'm  just a girl who can't say no'. Later in the evening, there was pint-drinking competition in the bar and I would be pitted against a few willing gentlemen. The glasses of beer would be placed on the floor in front of us. When the whistle blew we would bend down to pick up the glass. I was at the front and as I bent over, my stocking tops would be in full view. Naturally, the gentlemen behind me would be distracted, giving me the edge. I usually won the contest. I will never forget one occasion, when a woman in the audience stormed over to me and shouted, "You can't beat my husband at drinking, he does it for a living". I found that so amusing.
So how about thirsty work, this week's blog theme.  A few years ago, I attended a ball at Blackpool Tower. I danced all night and towards the end of the evening, the I and some friends ordered a pot of tea. It was hot, strong and wonderfully refreshing. Probably the best cup of tea I have ever drunk. Cheers.
Thirsty work - put the kettle on.
I like  nice cup of tea in the morning,
Just to start the day you see
and at half past eleven,
my idea of heaven is a nice cup of tea.
I like tea when I'm thirsty at dinner
and a nice cup of tea with my tea.
Then about this tie of night
there is nothing like the sight
of a nice cup of tea. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook


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