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Thirsty Thursday: Whipped Apple Cider Martini

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

Whee! It’s officially officially Fall! And it looks like it here! Sorry Florida, but don’t worry you can rub it in when it’s -40 here and you’re pool side at The Beach Club. It’s also the official start of apple season, which entails buying ALL OF THE APPLES, baking in my house, pretending to bake at my friends’ house, and going on Instagram photoshoots apple picking with your girlfrands in riding boots and ponchos. It is great. And about that aforementioned baking, there are only so many fritters, pies, cakes, pancakes, cupcakes and accompanying compotes and frostings you can make with those apples. At a certain point you need to start spreading out into other food groups, like stuffed pork chops and most importantly, cocktails. Where there are apples there’s bound to be jugs of cider, and that’s all the invitation I need to whip up an apple cider martini.

Whipped Apple Cider Martini

via 11 Magnolia Lane

With Butterscotch liqueur and whipped cream vodka these will likely give you diabetes and/or a hangover, but they’re gorgeous to look at and you KNOW they’re delicious. You know a cocktail that won’t give you regrets in the morning?

David Yurman Sterling Silver Petite Citrine & Diamond Albion Ring
A fabulous coordinated David Yurman petite Albion ring! In sterling silver cable with diamonds and citrine, this ring is a perfect addition to any fall outfit. It says “I’m sensible enough not to wear something too valuable while apple picking or baling hay or whatever, but I’m also sensible enough to never leave my house without designer jewelry.”

Karla Reed Perfect Fall Outfit

via the Gram

And what are we wearing on this crisp September afternoon? If you thought I was over my Karla Reed kick you had like 12 other things coming because I think I want to elope with her Instagram account. Look at this! Poncho! Riding boots! Plaid! Chambray! Equestrian inspired bracelet! I just want to traipse through colorful leaves with her and ask her how she gets her hair to do that. Probably going to settle for making these martinis and practicing tonight.

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