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Think Dive into New Waters and Explore the World

By Maliasa


Children play imaginatively. Exploring possibilities and testing to see what happens. Children pretend to be whales and dolphins. They test what happens when they are trying save a sand crab from the tide. They learn to test ideas and to imagine new possibilities. They are building a foundation for creative thinking.

Researchers like Brian Sutton-Smith, Jaak Panksepp and Alison Gopnik have linked play to neuroscience and human evolution. Play is essential to our ability to inhabit and change the environment.

Alison Gopnik, says that children explore new environments while adults are more prone to exploit. Exploiting means to relay more on rules and previous lessons and although these biases are good they prevents us from seeing things and trying new things. We may avoid reading a book written by a new author since we have a list of favorite authors. This biases towards getting things right has its advantages, it prevents us from spending money and time on reading bad books.

Yet the foundation for creative thinking is testing and seeing what happens – dreaming, speculating and exploring. Humans visited the moon by dreaming and exploring ways to realises this dream. Our ability to play and explore has lead to wonderful insights and ideas and providing an environment where children can explore the environment is crucial not only for their well-being but for the development of the human race.

Being efficient and productive all the time is maybe not such a great idea. So open your mind and explore some interesting things together. The word inspiration means something that stimulates you. It also means to breathe in. So take a deep breath and think dive into those big waves and let the water fill your head with ideas. Then jump into different waters. . .

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Photo: “Young Child Playing In Sea” by chrisroll, Condé Nast

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