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Things You May Not Have Known About the Dave Matthews Band

Posted on the 12 April 2015 by Audiocred @audiocred

They’re one of the most successful musical groups of all time, but few people really know the Dave Matthews Band. For example, were you aware that one of the members got his start on BET? Did you know that they’ve had a half-dozen studio albums debut at #1 on the billboard charts? Here are six other facts that may surprise you.

dave matthews

1. Their Name Was A Mistake

Before they made it big, the group members couldn’t agree on a band name. Then they found themselves needing one to book a certain venue. They decided to use “Dave Matthews” as a placeholder, but the receptionist took it down as “Dave Matthews Band,” and thus a legend was born.

2. They’ve Sold Millions of Records

Their debut album, Under the Table and Dreaming, sold six million copies and was certified 6x Platinum. They’ve also had several successful independent and follow-up albums. All in all, they’ve sold more than 30 million records in two decades of music.

3. The Violinist Wanted To Be a Guitarist

Boyd Tinsley signed up for music lessons as a child because he thought he’d learn how to play the guitar. He was taught the violin instead, and he discovered that he liked it after all. Eventually he turned his playing into a successful music career.

4. They Have No Problem With Piracy

The band doesn’t mind if you record their concerts. In fact, there’s a thriving online community where fans swap, rank and remix their favorite shows. The band only puts their foot down when people try to profit from their videos.

5. They Tour Every Summer

You may not have heard them on the radio lately, but the band still goes around the world every summer for an extensive and exhaustive tour. Their shows are also famous for their improvisation; they frequently riff between songs and make up new tunes on the spot.

6. Dave Matthews Isn’t American

Despite their down-home sound, the leader of the band was born in South Africa. His family moved to America when he was two. They wound up going back to South Africa after the death of his father, and Dave only returned to the States as an adult to jump start his musical career.

These are just six things you may not have known about the Dave Matthews Band. They’re an interesting bunch, don’t you think?

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