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"Things Were Different in 1959"

By Trebeca04

“Things Were Different In 1959"A silverware drawer provides the compartments to tell this story about life in the 50’s. I grew up on a farm in south Texas. On the farm we went to a Curandera (a medicine woman), not a doctor. We prayed to god and sang along with the “Mouseketeers". We played, we laughed and we wondered about a world bigger than our own. Our home was happy, it was safe and it was filled with stories, some mysterious and some wondrous. Although we left the farm years ago, the memories are fresh and filled with mystery and wonder, still . . .A Salvation Army bell, a Mickey Mouse toy, a rosary and other found objects tell the story inside a wooden drawer. The glass covered drawer is collaged on the inside with maps, an original vintage photograph of someone's grandmother,ahand written letter dated 1959, and anatomy images from Altered Bits. The backside is collaged with pages out of a "Gray's Anatomy" volume, a hand cut image of the human head is layered on top of the text.  (click on images to enlarge)

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