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Things That Make My Heart Sing.

By Bloomer14 @Bloomsaturation
Things that Make My Heart Sing.{A leisurely night of cocktails with my man at Sidebar. White Rabbit + Moscow Mule.}
Life has been rather busy over the last couple of months and it isn't about to slow down anytime soon. 2012 has been so very good to me. I feel so lucky every single day to be surrounded by people who love and believe in me. I've accomplished so much over the last year and I look forward to pushing myself and my career even further in 2013! 

Small 2013 Check List! NOT to be confused with resolutions. - Furnish our new home! (This is probably a good idea seeing that we'll be in the desert for a few more years)- Join a new gym! Seriously, I need to get my groove back.- Get my skull tattoo- Buy a new car- Buy a new laptop- Buy a new camera {SHEEESH}- Be the best friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister, and stranger I can possibly be- Stop taking life and myself too seriously.

Things that Make My Heart Sing.{The start to my lady cave. Soon this old medal pin board will be fully covered with my dreams and inspirations and my work out equipment will stop collecting dust.}With the arrival of ZARA Home, you KNOW my lady cave is going to be spoiled. Can't even wait.
Things that Make My Heart Sing.{I love our classic Christmas tree, stockings, and wrapping paper. This sight makes my heart so happy.}
Things that Make My Heart Sing.{In love with these bralettes from UO}
Things that Make My Heart Sing.{Keeping my tools clean. Theres nothing I love more than a killer makeup brush.}
Things that Make My Heart Sing.{This week I decided to get all my Christmas shopping done in one day. I was successful! Sweats+heels and all.}Things that Make My Heart Sing.{If you know me, you know I love a little femininity mixed with boy pieces. Yesterday I wore my boyfriends Nirvana t-shirt. It was a lot cheaper than going out and buying one for myself.}Things that Make My Heart Sing.{I loved wrapping all of my boyfriends presents. We are so dang spoiled!}As you've all seen from my blog, I've been rather "up in the air" or "utterly confused" as to what I want and truly needed from my hair. I felt a part of me was truly lost. I know that sounds so typical of a girl and dramatic but I am a firm believer that when you love your hair, you are a more confidant version of yourself and for a long time I felt so LOST. Yesterday, that ended. My hair is a very deep dark black, soft ends, and killer bangs. I couldn't be happier. I've needed this change immensely. Things that Make My Heart Sing.
Things that Make My Heart Sing.{This morning, watching the sunrise out my window while I enjoy my view of palm trees and shopping the ZARA Sale!}I hope you all have an amazing holiday weekend and Christmas day with your loved ones. I know I'm looking forward to making a delightful breakfast Christmas morning for my boyfriend while I watch him open his gifts and skyping with our family back in SLC. I send my love out to all of you and wish you a prosperous and happy 2013! Over the next couple of days I'll post a few random posts about or Christmas and my new hair cut by request. Lots of hugs Bloomers.

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