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Things I Love About Being a Mum!

By Livedwithlove @kerrymarie
Being a new mum can be tough and at times when I was head to toe in baby sick, up to my eyeballs with washing and flustering about what to do next, I focused on the negatives too much and found myself agreeing with those who say motherhood is too hard.
But deep down, even at the hardest times, I know being a mum is the best thing I've ever done and though it may be hard, it is never too hard.  It's taken me 9 months to get into the swing of things and even now I'm still only a beginner. At the start, I found it hard and wondered if I really was cut out to be a mum, but things have become a little bit easier now. Sienna is more independent and I'm not so scared I will hurt her or do something 'wrong'. We have started to get to know each other more and more and I can already feel us becoming friends as well as mother and daughter. I'm so excited to feel that mother daughter bond and see her develop into a little lady.
I thought I'd share some of the reasons why I love being a mum to remind us all of the things that really count & why the day to day stresses are SO worth it.
Things I love about being a Mum; 1. Her first big morning smile.  No matter how tired I am as soon as I see her face with that big smile, it doesn't matter!
Things I love about being a mum!
2. Seeing her explore.
Exploring is so much fun to her & she find hours of fun with the most random things!
Things I love about being a mum!

3. Her giggle when she's having fun. I love how excited she gets over things that are simple to us!  


4. Seeing her enjoy her food and trying new flavours.
Even if she does make a mess, it's lovely to her eating well!
Things I love about being a mum!

5. Her innocent face.
She always looks so innocent no matter what she's done, she has now idea it's 'wrong' or 'naughty'. It just fills my heart with love.
Things I love about being a mum!
6. Seeing Warren with her.

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