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They Call Me That for a Reason

By Thelazzyreader @thelazzyreader
Picture Doing everything else but reading...
Do you read books that require you to have a dictionary in reach to constantly look up new words? I do. This book is filled with so many of those moments where I think the  storyline is so plainly written that I don't need to look up a word because I can make inferences based off of a characters reaction. Of course most of the time I'm wrong and when I do look up a word after already making my assumptions about Wharton's intentions, it makes her writing so much more enjoyable and every description so much more poignant.
I think I've written about this experience before but I just want to reiterate this warning because this book could be a hard read.
I was hoping that by now I would report back to say that I finished the book but I haven't.
I haven't even picked up the book in a while because I'm honestly not happy with the direction of the story so far. I know for sure that the story will end horribly and I just want to keep the hope of something positive happening alive, you know?
Have you read this book before? Did you decide to take a break too because you can't stand the negativity and only need positive vibes in your life?
Haha I will finish the book though because I need to know how it ends. Still, I was going to give the book an amazing rating. But now ... we'll see how generous I feel when the time actually comes. The rest is just so hard to push through.
​It's painful to read and learn more about Lily's downfall. So I've been searching for TV shows and anime and I think I might have stumbled on a good show. I won't recommend it yet but look out for the post soon.

I think if you're like me and you're struggling to push through the last bits of a book, I recommend taking it one day at a time and reading at the pace you feel comfortable at. That way it doesn't feel like work finishing the book.
Hey, they call me the lazzy reader for a reason :P

Comment below and tell me your thoughts on the book or how your life is going. I'm curious to know, so don't be stingy with your thoughts!

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