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These Boots Are Made For Walking

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

These Boots Are Made For WalkingIf you have read any of my previous blogs I speak often about possessing the ability to know when to move on and walk away. I realized today that some people may not realize the signs that it time to let it go. Even I have struggled with holding on to people much longer than I should and much longer than they really deserved. I’m speaking from a dating/relationship perspective but this actually could go for anybody in your life whose motives and actions you may often question. It took me awhile to really come to grips with the fact that everyone who comes into your life is not in there for the long haul. In fact, when you meet someone either one of two outcomes will happen, you will either have a partner/friend for life or a lesson for life. Unfortunately, some people don’t see the lesson easily and make the same mistakes over and over again. Everyone in your life, no matter the length of time serves a purpose; you cross paths for a very specific reason. Sometimes you are placed in people lives to help them and sometime people are placed in your life to help you. At some point we have to put on our boots and walk away when

You have to force someone to love you

“Why don’t you love me, I thought we had a good thing” please give us another chance! Don’t beg or plead with anyone to stay in your life. Have some dignity, the only thing you’re doing to boosting someone else’s ego, especially if they don’t feel the same!

 Someone continuously breaks your trust

Loving someone opens you up to being hurt but you trust that they won’t. Let’s be honest, when you can’t trust someone you basically have nothing.

 When someone expect you to be someone you’re not

You should do this and you should do that! I like your hair like this, and why do we have to do that. You should change this and I expect for you to do this. This is the point where I now tell you to STFU. If anyone has to bark all these demands at you they should go out and find someone who meets their expectations because clearly it’s not you.

When actions don’t match the words

Oh baby, I love you so much, we will have a great life together, it has now been 4 days and you haven’t heard from this person and they haven’t returned your call but they love you. Think again, love is an action word that requires someone to actually show it rather than say it. Yes, it sounds good but doesn’t mean much if no action is put behind the words.

Someone who continuously overlooks your worth

I like to look at myself as filet mignon, if someone rather have chop steak that’s fine. If a person doesn’t see your worth and continuously overlooks it, walk away. The good thing is there is always someone who will. Now I know this may sound vain, but everybody should know when they deserve better.

When you are forced to sacrifice your happiness

This is self explanatory; I don’t think I have to speak on the importance of being happy and being happy with the people in your circle.

When you continuously relive the past

People change like the wind and unfortunately it’s not always for the better. I have found myself wondering sometimes what happened to people. I’ve known people who were at one point a certain way and then months or years later they turned brand new. I’ve learned that I can’t keep reliving what a wonderful person they use to be or the times we shared. I have to accept the situation for what it is at the present moment. Oh well, too bad, so sad!

Someone who dwells on physical attraction

Refer to my Shallow Hall blog post, the amazing thing about shallow people, if you really do an inventory, they’re really not that attractive!

So when people prove their not worthy, pull out those boots and get to walking, just make sure when you do you’re fabulous in the process, it makes it so much better :)

You keep lyin, when you ought to be truthin

And you keep losin, when you oughta not bet

You keep samin, when you oughta be changing

Now what’s right is right, and you ain’t been right yet

These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do

And one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

Yep, I went old school Nancy Sinatra on you, 1966 to be exact :)

These Boots Are Made For Walking

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