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Themommytale Brings Top Predictions for Moms in the Year 2019

By Themommytale

The New Year is just around the corner and we are all set to welcome 2019 with new hope, courage, energy and lots of love in the heart. Every new year wish is with the intent of blessing others with tons of happiness. This year along with good wishes for others let's take out time for ourselves as a mother, mom, mum and maa.

We at Themommytale take immense pleasure in bringing mommy predictions for the year 2019. Read on to know what the New Year has in store for you mommies.

Yes, these new year predictions are dedicated to mommies by a mommy - Vanddna Bhargave.

Vanddna is a mommy of two lovely girls and she is a Transpersonal Regression Therapist, (TASSO, Netherlands), Numerologist, Motivationalist. Above all a lovely human being with a golden heart that always thinks for others.

So mommy, here is what Our Numerology expert has to predict and suggest for you in 2019, Read on...

Vanddna says...

The year 2019 in its own is a 2+0+1+9= 12/3 is a highly optimistic creative number with expression. This number belongs to Jupiter.

Number 3 has features like happiness, communication and makes one do too many things at the same time.

Each year on 1st January, we enter into a new numerological year which carries our unique theme for your year.

For calculating that just add the date+month +year, by reducing it to a single digit, which is called our life path or destiny number.
For eg 13 November 1981
1+3+1+1+1+9+8+1=25/7, so here the destiny number is 7.

Mommy with Life path number 1,

Mommies, if you have been ignoring your creative ideas and suppressing your urge to take an action on your goals, the time has come. Define your priorities and give yourself a platform to exercise your true caliber, intelligence and come in the limelight. Wear all the sunny colors in the first six months on your important days of meetings. The January month will automatically clear off the lethargy in addition to procrastination which was delaying the mega action.

Mommy with Life path number 2,

You have wasted a lot of energy in giving a lot of power to relationships with a negative impact on you by draining your energies. Take the charge of your emotional intelligence and use your intuitive powers for something more productive. Do your grounding by walking barefoot on the grass whenever you go through mood fluctuations. In other words, do not give away your power to emotional situations and negative people anymore otherwise one more productive year will go waste.

Mommy with Life path number 3,

No shortcuts this year for you mommy, be careful about conspiracies around you too. Doing methodical work, step by step is the best way to achieve a big picture very soon. Don't lose sight of your goals and objectives. Multitasking is a good skill unless it diffuses your focus towards your goals. If hard work is your theme now, it applies even to your body, it's high time to focus on your diet and workout.

Mommy with Life path number 4,

Mommy, Don't take risks by involving your own money as an investment this year. Your savings and investments need to be guarded this year. Take some time off with friends for hangouts and light moments and give yourself some break. If your body is prone to any kind of joint pains, do not ignore. You can't keep sweating over people's insensitive behavior, best is to protect your own emotional space. Aim big now and start taking baby steps this year.

Themommytale brings top predictions for moms in the year 2019

Mommy with Life path number 5,

You are Indecisiveness, doubting your own decisions?
You need to take a small holiday trip which was pending for a long time. Come out of your comfort zone and Start networking with people, you never know, a big opportunity through a casual contact may bring fortune your way. Revive and rewire your thoughts.

Mommy with Life path number 6,

Taking responsibility for everything around you is definitely an integral part of your nature however too much of this is troubling your shoulders and neck area now, even affecting your lower back right now. Your interest in glamour has taken a backseat from a long time now, revive it through redoing some alterations either in your home or your personal wardrobe, In other words go fo shopping, it will really shift your energies to a big extent.
Money may not stick into your account for long, Mommy you should keep a watch on your impulsive decisions.

Mommy with Life path number 7,

Your ability to dig deeper and deeper in your thoughts, sometimes work against you, utilize this quality of yours to learn something new this year. Seems as if you have given up on people around you to explain yourself as being misunderstood has been a common theme for you. Time to revamp your energies, clear off disappointments in addition utilize your caliber for something productive. Introspection and over thinking retards our actions sometimes to a large extent.

Mommy with Life path number 8,

Lot of stress and chaos which you have experienced in 2018 is now coming to an end, giving you a sigh of relief, now its time to take your ideas towards closures and conclusions. Mommy, Be careful about partial headaches or pain around the lower part of your legs and feet. Good time to apply for any job openings or starting a micro project on your own. It may start slow but will eventually give you rewards.

Mommy with Life path number 9,

You should focus on - Forgive, forget and let go. The more you will grip past incidents and emotional episodes n people involved in it, the more you will lose temper and drain yourself. Your interest in spiritual activities is your only way to achieve peace and success. Foreign travel is on the cards. Don't try to fix the world, you can start with yourself by shedding off old cascades of ideas, thoughts, and energies. Focus on your own bigger picture.

I am sure this post by our expert must have given you new hopes. Above all, if you have any query and need more help from our expert please feel free to mail her at [email protected] or you can join her FB community for regula r updates click here.

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