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By Bloomer14 @Bloomsaturation
Oh Instagram. How I love thee. I can't believe I made it so long without you! I'm a visual person (as I'm sure you know) and now that Instagram and I have a relationship, I find most other social profiles to be boring and mundane. Don't get me wrong, I have a love for social media but lately I've been feeling more and more like there's not enough "social" going on. 

I'm going to start creating these "@thebloomer" posts for you to share my most recent and favorite Instagram images. In the first photo you will see an image that says "RA Fitness" and a sign for my favorite vegetarian eats in Arizona. RA Fitness is in downtown Phoenix and let me tell you, I went to a killer spinning class last night. Although, I don't know what is more sore this morning, my muscles or my butt. Green has two locations in the AZ, one close to my house and one close to my new best friends house. YES! Best friend. I finally have one here in AZ after a long, lonely 8 months of living here.She is smart, compassionate, conscious, beautiful (inside and out), we are kindred spirits, we share an obsession/love for gems and rocks, vintage furniture and vintage boutiques, and we have come up with our own language which comes in handy when we are both fed up. Oh an she can read lips. 

Over the weekend, Ryan and I made a trip to one of my other favorite restaurants in Phoenix, Postino Arcadia. Sangria Sunday! It has been a very long month for me and I'm DYING over how little time I have and how my blog has been lacking because of it. I needed a day to disappear with him, enjoy live music, a couple of delicious beverages, and my favorite bruschetta meal.@thebloomer
While at my best friend Callie's house lat night, I helped her arrange some of her new (and seriously amazing) vintage furniture around to make her place feel cozy. She had this extra pin board and she sent me along with it! I already had a board but it is long and silver and I honestly want to start stepping away from those modern industrial touches. I need more warm, inviting, worn out vintage pieces to add a nice flavor to mine and Ryan's already masculine apartment. I slowly started pinning some things that inspire me to the board last night. LOVE!@thebloomer
If you are on Instagram please find me. I'd love to follow you! xx

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