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By Theablogger @TheABlogger
Women, What a treat! TheABlog - Women and Movies
Love them, absolutely love them all beautiful in their own individual way.
One thing i just do not get though how come where i live they dont look how they look in the movies or on TV.
Especially in American Movies. I mean even the ones who are supposed to be an ugly is in reality fit. I dont understand it.
I tell you one thing if i ever get the chance im moving straight to hollywood because by the looks of it all the women are babes.I should become an actor that way id get to work with them.
Life changing decision there suddenly and the money is great. And you get to work on location most likely in the sun. Yeah thats that decided im going to be an actor.
Just thought i have no idea where to start on becoming a big time actor so yeah maybe i will just rely on you guys to hook me up. Maybe send me on holiday to hollywood as a christmas present. Or you could all just keep reading my posts and make me happy.
Your choice...... No pressure :)

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