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TheABlog - Lets Play Catch Up

By Theablogger @TheABlogger
TheABlog - Lets Play Catch Up
Hey apologies for not writing in a while as it turns out i have been in hospital!! I know your all worried but fear not because as it turns out there is absolutely nothing wrong with me..... So they say. After all the time i have spent in hospital i have come to a very big conclusion... are you ready for it.......... I HATE HOSPITALS!!!! THEY SUCK BALLLLS GUYS!! I went in because my stomach was hurting and i dont just mean i had a tummy ache or anything i mean i was in extreme pain. Stayed in there for what seemed like forever and came out feeling awful. So yeah. Cheers for that. Im not gonna moan about doctors and nurses or anything because to be honest i think they do an awesome job 24/7 and i love nurses ;). After i got out of hospital i had a couple check ups at my G.P and it was all very very very very boring but the end result of it all was not finding out what the matter with me was... oh no. The outcome was that i lost my job because of the time off i had to have and the worst bit about it all is my cousin was my boss!!!! I mean seriously have you ever heard of a bigger ass???? So im basically gonna put a few rants on here over the next couple of days of the stuff ive been doing lately so look out for my tweets of my latest entries.
P.S your welcome for the picture guys :D Big Smiles
Merry Christmas

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