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TheABlog - Bon Jovi Rule

By Theablogger @TheABlogger
TheABlog - Bon Jovi RuleTwo weeks ago i went to see the almighty BON JOVI and it was awesome. Not only did they put on the most awesome show ever and sing the most awesome songs in the world but the girls there were incredible! After barging through the crowd which was a task we ended up right next to these two girls. Now normally im pretty picky when it comes down to girls but only if they are hot or at least a 6 on the hot scale, more on that later. But these were about a 5 but they had an advantage. THEY WERE AT A BON JOVI CONCERT because they wanted to be. I was far too busy enjoying Jon Bonjovi telling the crowd that we are to blame for shooting him in the heart, so i left the girls in the very capable hands of my friend. How wrong i was to do so. Turns out hes terrible at talking to women. He must of been speaking to them for twenty minutes before they decided to move. We were standing so close to the front aswell. These girls had camped out all night to be stood where they were and they gave all that up because my friend is terrible at talking to women. It wouldn't of even been hard to seal the deal either all he should of said to them is 'hi i like BonJovi too' and bam putty in his hands but nooooooooo he goes a completely different root and decides to give them his life story before saying anything to do with 'hooking up'. I mean come on fellas there is definitely something wrong with his technique but i gave up trying and screamed Bad medicine at the top of my lungs. But in all seriousness how awesome is BonJovi they rule! And i saw them for the first time two weeks ago and the amount of awesomeness coming out of that stadium was unreal. I had never seen so much awesomeness before. But that was a first. They rule and that is what all this is about just letting you all know that BonJovi are awesome!
TheABlog - Bon Jovi RuleThis is a pictrue of the lord at the actual concert i was at it rained but no one cared. Awesome!

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