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The Zara Ankle-strap Suede Shoes

By Marta @fashion_caramel

The Zara ankle-strap suede shoes

Photo credit: Zara

When I first saw these shoes online last month I knew that it was just a matter of time until they would be in my closet. They were just the affordable version of the Alexander Wang Liya shoes that I had been waiting for, simply perfect. But as it was just before my holidays in Portugal, I waited and only got them when I came back.
They cost 39,95 € and even though the price is super attractive, these shoes were a major disappointement. They looked very good online but in real life they have several problems. First of all, they look super cheap. I knew they weren't made of real leather but still, they looked like these pair of shoes that you can buy in H&M for 9,95 €. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the cheap shoes from H&M, I'm just saying that if you're selling something like it, don't ask for 4 times the price. Secondly, the ankle strap was made of a very thin material, I had the impression that it was going to rip off any minute just like plain paper. Then, when I tried them on, the disaster happened. They were painful, I didn't feel stable on them, they were painful even when I didn't move and made these weird noises like if the heel was falling apart. No. No. No. These shoes need to go back ! I don't to tell you that I returned them, immediately.
The problem is that now I'm frustrated because I still want need ankle-strap pointy shoes but don't have them. My only alternatives are: save for the real Alexander Wang Liya shoes (and hope that they would be released again anytime soon), try out the perfect copy from Choies, or look for a more minimalistic pair, like the brand new Lina shoes which look very similar but with a thinner and more sophisticated ankle strap.

The Zara ankle-strap suede shoes

Alexander Wang Liya shoes (sold out), suede shoes (Choies), Alexander Wang Lina shoes (shopbop)

I know, there is also another option, move on to another obsession because to be honest, I don't really need these shoes... 
I hope you're having a great weekend or holidays, but in both cases: enjoy your summer !!
xx Marta

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