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The Year in Numbers

By Jamesrichardadams @jamesradams

I know most of you like pointless stats. So here are some of mine this year.

The year in numbers

Total Miles Run - 5110

Total time running - 1086 hours (6 weeks 3 days 6 hours)

Total Time Working - 480 hours approx

Running Related Hospitalisations - 2 (New Mexico and Bletchley)

PB's - 2 (45 miles and 5k)


States of the USA run through - 13

States of the USA defecated on - 14

Calories Burned Running - More than half a million

Which Equates to- 1000 Big Macs (USA), 1100 Big Macs (UK), 2750 pints of beer, 7.1 tonnes of Celery, John Prescott.

Shoes - 15 pairs

Hottest Temperature run in - 47C

Highest Humidity - 99%

Highest Weight - 86kg (Ealing January)

Lowest Weight - 71kg (New York August)

Weight Now - Closer to Ealing

Times visited an Ambulance - Once (to get some paracetemol for a headache I got while watching a triathlon)


The year in numbers


Average Heart Rate - F**K Knows.

Words of book written so far - 90000 (Just landed in California)



Friends made - Too many to count but you know who you all are

Continents left - 6

Expected DNF's in 2012 - 1


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