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The Wood Duck. Female.

By Aler @arozinov

"The Wood Duck is considered by many naturalists
and hunters to be the most beautiful duck in North
America, if not the world."
Hinterland Who's Who
So, Wood Duck...
Some sources describe Wood Duck as the most beautiful duck in the world. But even it is my favorite duck I can't be agree it is most beautiful duck in North America either! Here is spectacular Harlequin Duck in North America and amazing Mandarin Duck in Eastern Asia and Russia. Which one is more beautiful -? I don't know!
However wood duck's  female - less colorful than male (it's has a white broad teardrop-shaped eye-ring and a whitish throat. You can't be mistaking when you sea that), but still one of the most gorgeous and more colourful than any other female ducks in North America!
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Wood Duck (Female)
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Wood Duck (Female)
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Wood Duck (Female)
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Wood Duck (Female)
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Wood Duck (Female)
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Wood Duck (Female)
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Wood Duck (Female)
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