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The Winter Wardrobe

By Pragyasharma57 @pragyasharma57
Its mid-December already and one still cannot feel the chill in the air. Damn! It doesn't feel like winters. But style is fashion independent. For the collegiate holidaying at home or the unlucky workaholics, girls! gear up your wardrobes for the overdose of clothes wintry days demands. While I am still unaware of this season's latest trends which is so unlike of a fashion blogger, I have compiled a few key ways in which in which you can style your clothes without overburdening your wardrobe. Hope any of these help you :)
  • Have the basics right : plain sweaters in neutral colors-black, beige, gray can be wore almost with anything.
  • Loved that cute summer top? Pair it up with a body hugging cardigan for a casual look, again anything in neutral shade would go!OR throw a leather or denim jacket for a more proper look. PS: Avoid buying loose cardis.
  • If you love vintage and have that old mommy-made cardi or sweater, its time to step in it out and grab the eyeballs.
  • Layering is the key like every blogger says, but be careful not to look overloaded.
  • Since I love elegant looks more, I avoid buying sweatshirts esp over-sized ones except if you want to wear them in bed. Invest more in lady-like outfits if you are like me, howsoever tempting hoodies may be.
  • Short jackets esp the glittery ones are in trend(Yay!! I know this one at least), and so are faux leather and rugged denims. The last two are worth investing. They can pep up any outfit.

  • While long boots are a craving, make sure its cold enough. They look absurd with the sun right on top of your head.
  • Sneakers are my favorite-The Teds and Vans(Converse too!). They go well with casual looks
  • For the formal look, your summer ballerinas and peep toes can still work.

There goes my favorite part. There's no dearth of ways you can accessorize your winter looks.
  • For the hair, cute ribbon hairbands, sleek booby pins etc while bright tight caps fr those bad hair days. Like experimenting? Try turbans!
  • Scarfs and Mufflers are your savior any day you feel there is something missing while dressing up. Grab some plain scarfs in bright hues or floral and striped ones to go with plain sweaters.
  • Your summer accessory collection- the neck pieces, earrings etc-can fit perfectly well anywhere in your winter clothes. So mix and match, and create awesome looks everyday!

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