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Its Never Too Late

By Pragyasharma57 @pragyasharma57
Hey all!
So like every time, I took a long break and before it was about to be an year again since I last blogged, I immediately opened this page and started, yet again. Life has really turned literally upside down for me. From my perceptions, choices and why I blogged in the first place, all have changed. But there's now lot more to share with all of you with me pursuing my interest as my career and its no easy task at hand.
I started the blog considering it as a space to share my own everyday style. Now I have started questioning these basic words- fashion, style, why exactly? Why is fashion suddenly so important? Is fashion really that important that its bogging down our minds 24 x 7. True, a person is judged by his clothes but to what extent? You have no idea how much we people are consuming in terms of clothes, shoes, accessories. Yes, its huge guys. You have no clue where it all goes at the end of its life and how much it is impacting others. Well I'll leave this for another time. I just got started. I'll soon get around this topic. So this time I come with a promise to blog regularly. I know it becomes harder than it sounds but nevertheless, its never too late to try :)

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