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The Wellbeing Toilet: Ergonomic Toilet Promotes Proper Pooping

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

It’s not often that you hear of a company revolutionizing the way we poop. It’s one of those ideas that doesn’t necessitate reinventing the wheel. Surprisingly, the Wellbeing Toilet has done just that with some remarkable innovations that are worth considering. You might want to sit down for this.

The Wellbeing Toilet is designed to encourage proper pooping posture that dictates a squatting position that deviates from the 90 degree angles that modern toilets typically placed us in. Improper posture can cause hemorrhoids, Chron’s disease, and constipation. Were not done yet, the Wellbeing Toilet can detect nutritional deficiencies in your body and doubles as a pregnancy test.

Wellbeing Toilet

Image via Inhabitat.

The Wellbeing Toilet

Granted it may take a little getting used to, the Wellbeing Toilet hopes to promote proper posture when using the bathroom. Initially conceptualized by industrial design graduate students at Central St Martin’s, the Wellbeing Toilet is a hybrid creation that allows you to perch atop the bowl with your feet resting on the base. This introduces a more natural form that allows a free flow while bodily fluids are excreted from the sytem. The team said they were inspired by Anglo-Indian toilets found in India and parts of Russia.

Proper Toilet Posture

Proper Toilet Posture. Image via Slate.com.

Students created the Wellbeing Toilet as part of a competition put on by a UK plumbing company that only allotted teams 15 days to work. Commenting on the ergonomically structure of the Wellbeing toilet one designer compared it to traditional toilets explaining, “The angle increases the risk of things like colon diseases and bowel-related illnesses.” With this in mind, the Wellbeing Toilet deserves a spot on The World’s Coolest Toilet’s List.

Special Features of the Wellbeing Test

The Wellbeing Toilet hopes to take a swing at preventative healthcare by analyzing feces and urine samples deposited in the toilet. Diabetes and kidney disease can both be detected through the phosphate contents in urine. As you know, a simple trip to the doctor is not cheap and is often only taken on a annual or semi-annual basis for most individuals. Routine checkups at the toilet are the fastest way to detect the early signs of malignant health conditions.

The Wellbeing Toilet is comfy!

Who would have ever imagined a toilet that would double as a pregnancy test. The Wellbeing toilet does just that! As you know, estrogen levels can be detected in a woman’s urine samples. What better place to do so than when you’re already taking a trip to the bathroom. Although the designers are still refining the Wellbeing Toilet, you may be seeing one of these ergonomic toilets in a store near your sooner than you think.

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