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The Wannabe Thirsty Crow

By Bloomer14 @Bloomsaturation
I have been rather lazy when it comes to putting together a makeup tutorial or style post for your guys. Life gets busy but who's doesn't? That's no excuse. Honestly, I'm in a baby fight with my SLR camera right now. It just isn't doing the trick for me and I often become more frustrated while shooting for blog posts rather than enjoying myself and having fun with it. My camera is pretty dated but its still a NICE camera. It should work just fine for my blog, but... I find myself wanting and needing more. I'm sorry Canon Digital Rebel, you just aren't doing it for me anymore. Plus, I read all these interviews on other successful bloggers and when asked "who takes your photos?" 90% of them respond "my boyfriend does". Must be nice girls, must be nice.

Even though things have been quiet here on the blog, my two Instagram accounts are constantly active and updated! You can follow me at @thebloomer or my makeup account at @snmakeupartist. The photos you see today are taken with my phone and I'm completely enamored with the photos my phone takes. Perhaps a new style of blogging for me? As long as you guys don't mind the oh-so-serious "pose in front of the mirror with your phone" shot. Ya know, when I'm showing off some threads. 

The Wannabe Thirsty Crow
The Wannabe Thirsty Crow{Somewhere in Central Phoenix}The Wannabe Thirsty Crow{ Its that time of year. Skulls, skulls, skulls! What do you think of this rugged tank paired with a classic striped pencil skirt and black heeled booties? Gold watch and spiked gold bracelet to top it all off}{I stumbled across these wonderful skeleton lights yesterday while stopping by the World Market. I just love them! They are perfect for Halloween, the best holiday of the year. This time of year just makes my heart sing.}The Wannabe Thirsty Crow{My drink of choice lately? Anything with whiskey!}I ran all over the place yesterday trying to find the right ingredients to make a Thirsty Crow (the best drink ever) and even though I went to 3, yes 3, different places I still couldn't find any fresh mint or jarred cranberries. So this is what I ended up with... The Wannabe Thirsty CrowAdd ice to mason jar1 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice1 1/2 0z. Rye Whiskey4 0z. Ginger Beergive it a stir...5-6 raspberriesSip and enjoy!The Wannabe Thirsty Crow

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